Shonda Johnson - Alabama

Shonda is in Alabama. I hear from her quite often and she is one of my favorite people.
She is convicted of murdering her husband. While Shonda could be described as flirtatious and man hungry that hardly makes her a murderess, nor an accomplice.
Her man troubles continue to haunt her even while locked away. A few years back she had a pen pal relationship with this turd named Quinn.
They wrote for years and he was constantly professing his love. He had issues tho and even so, Shonda cared for him and promised nothing would come between them. Quinn is no prize but she did care for him despite the fact that he was over 40 and still living with his parents and trying to finish college.
He has sexual problems as well, telling Shonda that he doesn't know if he's gay or straight or even if hes interested in sex at all. Also he felt that he should continue college indefinitely because he wasn't ready for a job. She finally gave up and last I heard Quinn had decided to visit his new found biological for several months.
Shondas luck in men has not improved. There has been a new guy for the last few years. We will call him F from France. Quinn and F have been reading from the same book.
F has his own set of odd sexual issues hes tried to unload on Shonda. He promised her the world and a handful of rainbows but recently told Shonda he found a new love and needed her more. Shonda is wondering what happened to the sexual issues he had but the world shall never know.
The one good difference between Quinn and the French F is that F still sends her commissary money and food boxes- or so he told me.
The last letter I got from Shonda was mid May where she told me all of F's latest drama and asked me to write this post. Her concern is that these types of men will continue to write to other death row women with promises, stick around a while and then dash her hopes and dreams just like they did to Shonda. I can only hope that will not happen.

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