Tierra Gobble Alabama

I got a weird letter from Shonda Johnson in Alabama today. I was surprised to get it since I just got one last week and when I opened it the first thing that came out was another stamped and addressed envelope.
Shonda's letter went on to say that this was a letter from another girl on death row Tierra Gobble. It was to her mental health counselor because she believes the documents given to the guards are thrown away.


Shonda said she believed she did probably need to see  this counselor because Tierra is "out of her mind. Bat Shit Crazy". So I will mail this letter for Tierra.

So she could be an interesting one to write but then again, I dont want a replay of what happened with the women in PA. THAT was a nightmare.(and the basis for my eBook Bitches...see right sidebar top). The crazy ones are a learning experience which is fun but often cause a lot of aggravation.

Tierra accidentally killed her son after losing her temper. His abuse had been throughout his entire 4 month life in 2004.


  1. I know Tierra Gobble. I was in county jail with her up until the day she was sentenced. She did not "accidently" kill her son. It was intentional and cruel. She showed absolutely no remorse and even bragged about how she had finally just couldn't take that "brat's" crying anymore and was glad that she had shut him up.

  2. I am a leading witness in this case, and I promise you it was NO accident.


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