It 'Aint Happening in California

I'll just tell ya folks.... California 'aint gonna kill no one. Cynthia Coffman least of all. California will not kill any of the women currently sitting on their death row. I mean, think about it. How long has Richard Ramirez been there?
Oh it's still on the books but they haven't killed anyone in quite some time and wont either. No one supports it anymore No one has been executed since 2006. Natural causes executed 57 of them and suicide took another 20.

November brings Californian's the Prop 34 initiative wherein they have the chance to abolish the death penalty and place life without parole in its stead.

They will vote this into existence because of a few reasons.
A. They should
B. The death penalty is no deterrent
C. So so so many DNA exoneration's years to late
D. Its expensive

Its just time to smarten up.


  1. No offense, but even though I agree with the death penalty, I think that changing the laws to life w/out parole is a good thing for this reason: It will eliminate websites like yours (although yours isn't nearly as bad as many I've seen) that put these women on pedestals, provide them with a "fan club," and allow their already massive, sociopathic egos to be fed even more. At least with life w/out parole they'll be forgotten and not made to be "innocent heroines" fighting an injustice, and "murderous" (as you call it) sentence. It seems that for many, as soon as a person is put on death row they are automatically not guilty and suffering a horrible miscarriage of justice, facts be damned.

  2. Being on death row doesn't make them guilty. If so we wouldnt have the hundreds of exonerated individuals who were guilty until proven innocent.
    Do you have a case in mind or are you just generalizing and spouting an opinion with no real basis?
    Just a little helpful advice, if you dont care for websites like mine- dont scout them out and read them. That might help.


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