Martha Place Executed in NY

Martha Place was executed in NY in 1899. She threw acid in the face of her step daughter and then smothered her. Afterward she attacked her husband with an ax and nearly killed him.Gov. Theodore Roosevelt refused to pardon her and she was executed.

The New York Times wrote of the incident:
“The straps across her face were quickly buckled on, the pad drawn over the eyes, the signal given, and the current turned on. … The body scarcely moved. The prayer book in the woman’s left hand twisted across the wrist and slipped partly out when the muscles relaxed. Her thin lips merely tightened.”

Warden Sage reported to his superiors: “The execution was entirely successful. There was no revolting feature.”Martha Place was described by the press as “homely, old, ill-tempered, not loved by her husband,” before her execution.

At age 23 she was struck in the head by a racing sleigh and family members said she was never the same.

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