Margaret Allen Florida's 3rd Woman on the Row

Margaret Allen is the 3rd woman on Florida’s death row. She was sentenced in May of last year, 2011. She tortured and killed her housekeeper because she thought she stole her purse and $2000.

Allen and two accomplices kidnapped the housekeeper, Wenda Wright. She was bound and Allen placed her knee in her throat and began to pour bleach, nail polish remover and household chemicals into her face.

The torture went on for hours until Allen strangled Wright with a cloth belt. The two accomplices then helped Allen dig a shallow grave and bury Wright.

Quinton Allen, Allen's nephew and accomplice, testified against her saying he was afraid of his volatile Aunt and that she had a gun on her during the murder. He received 15 years. Hes eligible for parole in 2019.

The other accomplice, James Martin, Allen’s roommate at the time, served several months for accessory after the fact. Hes already released on this case but has been incarcerated on a parole violation.

Allen’s defense included the fact that she has significant nerve damage and is unable to plan sequential events like a murder plot.

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