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Terrible Tutwieler

I write to Shonda Johnson in Alabama's Tutwieler Prison. I have written to her for many years and consider her a pseudo-sister. I do not believe she is guilty of the crimes she has been convicted of. Much like Darlie Routier, Shonda has been convicted solely on the basis of her actions and lifestyle. But I digress. This post is about Christie Michelle Scott VIA Shonda Johnson. My long time readers know that I am inclined to be that epitome of American justice and actually believe someone is innocent until proven guilty. I often believe the underdog because I dont quite trust that those in power have the purest of intentions. Heresay and accusations from every Tom, Dick and harry does not a guilty person make. However, when the heresay comes from the gals that live within feet of her  24/7 you tend to believe it. I had asked Shonda about the rapes and harassment reportedly happening there in Tutwieler. She confirmed it and told me of a few women who have been pregnant and

The News From Inside- Muncy Womens Prison, PA

The women I have written about in the Kindle Single 'Bitches"  all live in Muncy. When we were on speaking terms I heard much about the abuse and rape of the girls at the hands of the guards. Not only men guards, either. I suppose it is of no real surprise that these women are so irrational. They are living in a surreal existance.  The News from Inside Sexual harassment and medical neglect at women’s state prison:  Two recent reports from women incarcerated at SCI Muncy women's prison describe how on certain units, male prison guards are permitted to come into the bathrooms while the women are using the toilet or showering, and that shower curtains are not tall enough to maintain privacy. The women describe these policies as inappropriate and harmful to their feelings of safety and privacy. One woman reported that male guards have been fired for sexual harassment and escorted off the grounds of the institution, but that policies claim that institutional security trum

Woman crusades to save sister’s life, end the death penalty - The Washington Post

Woman crusades to save sister’s life, end the death penalty - The Washington Post : Woman crusades to save sister’s life, end the death penalty By Tracy Simmons| Religion News Service,  SPOKANE, Wash. — They stood in front of a shopping mall, shackled together, heads down, nameplates dangling around their necks, bearing the names of men and women who have died on America’s death row. Cal Brown. Teresa Lewis. Cameron Todd Willingham. Behind them, stood Victoria Ann Thorpe, dark makeup painted on her cheeks and a sign painted to look like blood stains waving above her head: “Their blood is on our hands.” Somehow, despite Thorpe’s gory exterior, she’s approachable. “Would you like information on the death penalty?” she asks shoppers as they exit the mall, unable to avert their eyes from the scene in front of them. She hands them a clipboard and one by one, they fill out postcards showing their support to abolish the death penalty in Washington. The cards will later be sent to

Life Without Parole: A Different Death Penalty | The Nation

Life Without Parole: A Different Death Penalty | The Nation David R. Dow | October 26, 2012 If you were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of release, how long would you want to live? Would you want to live at all? I think about these questions often. My clients, inmates on death row, think about them every day. In more than twenty years of representing prisoners facing execution, I’ve had several ask me to waive their appeals so they could hurry up and die. There are some who think any client who “volunteers”—that's our euphemism for giving up—is necessarily irrational. I don't share that view.   To be sure, two of my clients who told me to waive their appeals were mentally ill, and I fought to keep them from volunteering to die. But the others were perfectly rational. They did not want to spend at least six years, maybe fifteen, appealing their sentences, only to ultimately be strapped to a gurney and injected with poison.   It’s easy for most people to see

San Jose police: Woman kills boyfriend at party - San Jose Mercury News

San Jose police: Woman kills boyfriend at party - San Jose Mercury News : Anna Khoun, 20, was booked into the Elmwood Correctional Complex in Milpitas in connection with the death of 26-year-old Stockton resident Sovannara Liv, her boyfriend. So far the news is she was abused for a long period of time and the two got into an argument at this party. She shot him but it is still unclear if it was intentional but lets face it. It was intentional. Why? That part we don't know.