Terrible Tutwieler

I write to Shonda Johnson in Alabama's Tutwieler Prison. I have written to her for many years and consider her a pseudo-sister. I do not believe she is guilty of the crimes she has been convicted of. Much like Darlie Routier, Shonda has been convicted solely on the basis of her actions and lifestyle.

But I digress. This post is about Christie Michelle Scott VIA Shonda Johnson. My long time readers know that I am inclined to be that epitome of American justice and actually believe someone is innocent until proven guilty.

I often believe the underdog because I dont quite trust that those in power have the purest of intentions. Heresay and accusations from every Tom, Dick and harry does not a guilty person make. However, when the heresay comes from the gals that live within feet of her  24/7 you tend to believe it.

I had asked Shonda about the rapes and harassment reportedly happening there in Tutwieler. She confirmed it and told me of a few women who have been pregnant and then beaten until they miscarried. She went on to say that since she had been there for so long it was easier to deal with but the newer girls were tormented to almost paralysis. Not just by the guards either but by inmates. One particular inmate, Christie Michelle Scott.

Christie was given life without the possibility of parole for setting her 5 year old autistic son on fire in his own bed the day after she took out an insurance policy on him. The judge overruled the jury’s recommendation and gave her death.
I was so surprised by that. I had read online about her many support groups and legions of believers and supporters. I relayed that to Shonda and I could almost hear her stifled laughter before I opened the envelope.

“That’s really hilarious some people say Christie is innocent. Everyone here says she’s shown her true colors by the things she does here. That’s one thing that makes us believe she did it. She does evil stuff like write letters requesting to get someone fired or in trouble and sign other people names to it. She touches and grabs in a sexual way at the new girls and scares them to death.”

“She admitted to all of us that she lied on her ex-husband and said he started the fire and she said to everyone that she waited for 30 minutes the night of the fire to tell her neighbor that her son was inside the house.”

Then just for good measure she threw in:

“I don’t know how true it is but rumor has it the fire fighters beat the crap out of her on the scene because they knew that it had been set from the inside. When we asked her about that she just laughed and shook her head.”


  1. I'd be really curious to know why you think that Shonda is innocent, especially after reading "like Routier she was convicted based solely on her lifestyle."

    Is your belief in her innocence based on the fact that she writes to you? And is it based on what she tells you in the letters? I HOPE you do this, but if you don't, please read the "statement of facts" sections of the appeals decisions sometimes. For Shonda, just google: Shonda Nicole JOHNSON v. STATE (2005). Same with Darlie: Routier v. State (2003)

    I only suggest this b/c your comment that these two were convicted solely based on their lifestyle is patently absurd.

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  3. ummmm, yeah. I've read those particular cases inside out and sideways not to mention speaking regularly with them and their family members.
    The point is that I have read all that but just because that's what is written doesn't make it true.
    For those claims to be patently absurd would mean there is no validity which in fact there is. There are several reputable legal professionals in Darlies case especially that believe the way she behaved and her actions contributed to her persecution. Shonda is the same. He marriages tainted the whole trial.

    I dont give two shits about someones opinion who is to short sighted or just plain lazy to check beyond the headlines and the propaganda we are force fed by the government.


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