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Lillie Stanton - Kentucky

--Right across state lines from me here in Tennessee, Lillie Stanton stabbed and killed her daughter and granddaughter in Winchester, Kentucky. She was afraid the child's father would be coming around more and that killing them was the best option. In the citation, she told police that she thought about taking 23-year-old Danel Korrey Stanton and 22-month-old Kaydence Ray Miers out of state, but did not have the money. She said she thought “killing them was the best thing to do,” according to the citation. Winchester police Capt. James Hall said Tuesday that Stanton is accused of killing Danel Korrey Stanton, 23, and her 22-month-old daughter, Kaydence Ray Miers, who were found stabbed to death in the home they shared with Lillie. Danel had been in an ongoing custody battle with the child's father, Jonathon Miers.

Valerie Stensen- Tennessee

Death is on the table for another woman from my home state, Tennessee. Valerie Stensen is accused of the sexual abuse, torture and murder of her two year old granddaughter, Manhattan.  The strange part, I thought, was that police records state Valerie caused "serious bodily injury to the child along with subjecting her to the use of a deadly weapon or a controlled substance'.  Isn't that the weirdest turn of phrase?  What a weird either/or sentence.  One of the child abuse indictments alleges that on April 15, 2011, Stenson treated the toddler in such a manner to cause "serious bodily injury.'' Then, over the next two days, Stenson allegedly caused serious injuries to the child "through the use of a deadly weapon, dangerous instrumentality or a controlled substance," according to another indictment.  Since Valerie is about to face the death penalty prosecutors are now discussing whether her case encompasses certain required element

Susan Eubanks California Death Row

On October 26, 1997, Susan Eubanks of San Marcos California shot her four sons, ranging in age from 4 – 14, in the head. She turned the gun on herself, shooting herself in the stomach. Her 5-year-old nephew remained in the house, unharmed. Susan spent the day drinking and taking valium with her boyfriend. They fought and she slashed 2 tires on his car. Dodson gathered his possession and as he was leaving  Eric Eubanks  showed up. They left together in Eric’s car. Dodson told Eubanks as they were driving that Susan had said she was going to shoot the boys and herself. They went to the  North Bar , where they spent several hours. Th evening at the bar, Eric Eubanks received a page, alerting him to a voice-mail message. He listened to it, and called 911. His estranged wife had recorded two words on his telephone answering machine: “ Say goodbye .” Brandon was shot in the living room as he watched TV; the others were in their bedroom, on a bunk bed, playing Nintendo . Five

Arizona Mom Kills Two Children

A 25 year old mother has shot and killed her two children in Arizona. Prosecution hopes to be able to pursue the death penalty. Perla Morales, from Tuscon, had a fight with her boyfriend during which he threatened to leave her. She then shot her two children,   Richard Rosovich Jr., 17 months, and Emma Rosovich, 4, and then herself. She called 911 and is on record as asking for a police cruiser as “both my kids are dead.” She was taken by ambulance to the emergency where her wounds were described as non life threatening and she was released into police custody and charged with two counts of homicide.

Dorice Moore- Florida

Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore apparently did not kill her friend, Abraham Shakespeare, a lottery winner millions of times over. She did not swindle him out of his millions. She did not bury him in her backyard either. She says she was trying to help him protect his fortune from an upcoming child support case. Drug dealers must have killed him (and buried him in her yard under a concrete slab). Hmmm… Winning the lottery was actually the worst thing that ever happened to poor Abraham, who had no happy life to begin with. So bad was it that E!  did a television program about it entitled Curse of the Lottery . Illiterate, poor and often incarcerated, he was the last person to expect a winning lottery ticket. Dorice Donegan "Dee-Dee" Moore launched a business with Shakespeare, Abraham Shakespeare LLC, giving herself control of the firm's funds. Moore subsequently withdrew $1 million and bought herself a  Hummer , a  Chevrolet Corvette  and a truck before going on

Antoinette Frank and Rogers Lacaze

So very much hype surrounds the case of Rogers Lacaze, the man who was with Antoinette Frank when she robbed and killed the owners of the restaurant she was supposed to be guarding in her official capacity as a police woman. His supporters have various claims they attest point to his innocence, such as, an untested hair at the crime scene, missing trial transcripts and the fact that Adam Frank (Antoinettes brother) was arrested shortly after the murder with the gun that was involved in the crimes. What no one on the Lacaze team mentions is the witness. The very same witness that was able to testify that Antionette Frank was in the room can also indicate the presence of Lacaze. Both Frank and Lacaze have tried repeatedly to have their sentences reduced to no avail.

Angelina O’Mara

Angelina O’Mara killed her husband and her boyfriend days apart by shooting them in the head.  She put a pillow over each man’s face as he lay resting and pulled the trigger. She killed her ex-husband James O’Mara in Minnesota and then traveled to Wisconsin where she killed her long time boyfriend , Michael Pies, in a motel room. For months before and during trial she claimed her boyfriend had been the one to kill her husband and for a time it seemed that may be the fact. Then, suddenly, she gave up her pleas of innocence and submitted a plea of guilty, saying she had killed him. She has given no reason as to why she killed him. She says that killing her boyfriend was an accident. They were arguing and struggled over a rifle that went off. She does say that he had been violent and abusive to her many times in their long years together. She goes to court Dec 2 for the murder of her husband and then on to another state and another murder trial. Husband on the left BF on the