Angelina O’Mara

Angelina O’Mara killed her husband and her boyfriend days apart by shooting them in the head.  She put a pillow over each man’s face as he lay resting and pulled the trigger. She killed her ex-husband James O’Mara in Minnesota and then traveled to Wisconsin where she killed her long time boyfriend, Michael Pies, in a motel room.
For months before and during trial she claimed her boyfriend had been the one to kill her husband and for a time it seemed that may be the fact. Then, suddenly, she gave up her pleas of innocence and submitted a plea of guilty, saying she had killed him. She has given no reason as to why she killed him.
She says that killing her boyfriend was an accident. They were arguing and struggled over a rifle that went off. She does say that he had been violent and abusive to her many times in their long years together.
She goes to court Dec 2 for the murder of her husband and then on to another state and another murder trial.
Husband on the left BF on the right.

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  1. Die Person soll in der Hölle schmoren !


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