Shawna Forde - Arizona

Shawna Forde had no chance at anything but the death penalty when she committed her crimes, the murders of father and daughter Raul and Brisenia Flores.

Shawna and her cohorts hated immigrants and belonged to a group that vowed to protect America from illegal immigration.  She  founded, and was Executive Director of the Minutemen American Defense (M.A.D.), a splinter group of  Minutemen Civil Defense CorpsSince 2007, she had been involved in vigilante activities and later joined the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. However, she was asked to leave the organization in February 2007 after members described her as being "unstable."

She thought of herself as some type of feminine political force and even ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Everett, Washington City Council in 2007. She had several run-ins with law enforcement throughout her life prior to her arrest for the double murder. Court records show that she served time in juvenile lock-ups for repeated convictions involving theft, burglary and prostitution.

Forde has married four times. In 1989, her boyfriend sought court protection from her, claiming that she had physically attacked him and threatened to hurt herself with a knife.

While running for the Everett City Council, her son was convicted of assaulting her employer. In January 2008, Forde accused members of a drug cartel of sexually assaulting and shooting her; however, she later suggested the alleged culprits were actually criminal associates of her son. Forde's brother alleged that she fabricated the story, and authorities closed the case due to insufficient evidence.

With that lovely history she went on to plan and commit the murders in order to rid the world of immigrants.

The only problem was that both of her victims were American born. American citizens. They burst into the home and attempted to kill the wife and mother, Gina Gonzalez but missed. She played dead and when the killers were distracted she called 911. They shot and killed her husband and daughter.

 From the transcript:
Gonzalez: "They shot me and I pretended like I was dead. My daughter was crying. They shot her, too.

Operator: "Are they still there, the people who, that shot them?"

Gonzalez: "They're coming back in! They're coming back in!" (Gunfire.)

On February 14, 2011, Shawna Forde was found guilty of all eight counts for which she was being prosecuted: two counts of first degree murder for Raul and Brisenia, one count of attempted first degree murder for Brisenia's mother, Gina Gonzalez, two counts of aggravated assault and one count each of burglary, armed robbery, and aggravated robbery. On February 22, 2011, she was sentenced to death by a Tucson jury, becoming the 3rd woman on Arizona's death row.


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    If they put her in prison for life she would have to be a protection unit and isolated. That would be a harsher punishment as well as a cheaper alternative to the death penalty.

    1. Giving her 3 meals a day and paying employees to watch her constantly is cheaper!? She deserves to die.

    2. Life in prison is not satisfying, but it is much, much cheaper, because getting a person to the death chamber is immensely expensive. Why so expensive? Mostly because of the cost of an army of lawyers.

  2. It is so unusual for a woman to be involved in a hate crime like this. I will not be surprised if her trial and execution move rather rapidly.

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Yep they will certainly try. Are you going to write to her as well? I have a feeling she wouldn't be up for pen paling for a long time.

  4. This was sad all around. The Flores family was well known in Arivaca for their involvement in drug smuggling. This is the kind of terrible thing that comes with that business. DEfinitely no place to raise a child.

  5. Robin, life in prison is actually cheaper than capital pinishment cases. Check out some statistics. It will surprise you.

  6. I have since developed a relationship with Shawna. I believe she is innocent of this crime.

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      I bet she is you're scissor sister, fucking racist dyke.

  7. Omg she looks the part...go looking for trouble and u will find it. Idk how anyone could consider her innocent??? Kelly above says she believes she is innocent of this crime...WHY??? I mean there was an eye witness that survived and I think Shawna Force has said she wishes she could say she was sorry. Do u think she's innocent bcuz u developed a relationship with her? That's pretty horrible no matter what considering they killed a 9 year old girl. They were trying to defend America by robbing a drug trafficker. Those 3 that killed the little girl should face thier penalty and be put to death.


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