The Twelve Women the United States has Killed

In 1976, the United States Supreme Court allowed the country to resume the practice of capital punishment. Since then 12 women have been murdered by their country.

Velma Barfield was executed in November of 1984 for the arsenic poisoning of her live-in boyfriend.

Karla Faye Tucker was executed in February of 1998 for the double pick ax murder of two people.

Judy Buenoano was executed in March of 1998 for the poisoning death of her Vietnam vet husband. She also drowned her crippled son, blew up a fiance and is thought to have killed a boyfriend

Betty Lou Beets was executed in February of 2000 for the shooting death of her husband.

Christina Marie Riggs was executed in May of 2000 for the suffocation deaths of her two children.

Lois Nadeen Smith was executed in December of 2001 for the shooting death of her sons girlfriend.

Wanda Jean Allen was executed in January of 2001 for the murder of a childhood friend and the murder of her lesbian lover.

Mary Kay Plantz was executed in May of 2001 for hiring her teenaged boyfriend and an accompice to murder her husband.

Linda Lyon Block was executed in May of 2002 for the murder of a police officer in a shootout with her boyfriend.

Aileen Wournos was executed in October of 2002 for killing six of her prostitution clients.

Frances Newton was executed in September of 2005 for the shooting deaths of her husband and two children.

Teresa Lewis was executed in September of 2010 for the hired killings of her husband and stepson.


  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I am not a fan of the death penalty. It bothers me that someone may be executed wrongly. I recently watched a special about women and the death penalty in which one woman stated she would have rather died than spend anymore time in prison. If that is a true statement, then it stands to reason life in prison is a more apt punishment. Just my humble opinion.

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Also, Lynda Lyon was a veryyyy cold but intelligent (not smart or she would have never shot the cop) who seriously would have been punished with life in prison. She showed absolutely no remorse, at all.

  3. Anonymous10:56 PM

    I'm sure you read about the news. Deborah Milke from Arizona's death row had her conviction overturned! That's pretty convincing proof that the death penalty is flawed!


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