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Kimberley McCarthy and Upcoming Executions

Kimberly's execution was postponed until April 3rd when her lawyers raised issues of racial bias. March saw all of its scheduled executions stayed. Three from Pennsylvania; Freeman May, Orlando Maisonet, and Abraham Sanchez all received a stay of execution. Edward Schad from Arizona, and Michael Gonzales from Texas were also stayed. Will April bring the same luck to Kimmie? Another person hoping April will carry through on the luck is Larry Swearingen of Texas. His case is drawing attention because of Texas's utter lack of concern over the mounting evidence in his behalf. As it moves down the roster of executions scheduled for this year, the state is perilously close to adding another name to its list of potential innocents: Larry Swearingen, whose case highlights a growing tension in Texas between science and the law. Add to that conflict the all-too-familiar problems of prosecutorial bias and tough-on-crime politics, and you’ve got a recipe for wrongful conviction