Elizabeth Potts - Only Woman Legally Executed in the State of Nevada

The tale of the only woman ever legally executed in the state of Nevada is one of lust and deceit. For reasons unknown, Elizabeth Potts left her marriage. She left her husband, Josiah, 7 children and the entire state of Nevada and travelled to California where she met and married another man, Miles Faucett, a carpenter.

Mr. Faucett learned that his wife was in fact already married and annulled the marriage. This where is gets weird and history has faded the details a bit. Elizabeth goes home to her husband and family and Mr. Faucett follows. He not only follows but he becomes a boarder in the Potts home.

Is the weird over? Not quite yet. Mr. Faucett buys a local ranch and moves out but still continues to visit the Potts on the regular. Elizabeth provides him with bread and laundry services, unusual, to say the least.
Finally, somebody starts to make some sense in 1888 when Mr. Faucett tells a friend of his plans to visit the Potts that night to retrieve some money they owed him. Should they refuse, Mr. Faucett declared his intentions to reveal Mrs. Potts scandalous double marriage days. He was never seen again.

The Potts moved from the home a year later and set up house in Wyoming. Their old house was rented by a family who discovered the rotted, mutilated corpse of Mr. Faucett one year later. The Potts were simultaneously arrest and tried for murder.

The Potts were hung together in a double gallows in front of 52 male witnesses. Elizabeth is the only woman legally executed in the state of Nevada. 

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