Helen Ford Chicago

Helen Ford may be the nation’s newest death row female.  She is accused of child abuse and neglect in the strangulation and beating death of 8 year old Gizzell Ford, apparently her granddaughter. She was arrested on July 11th, 2013, in Chicago, when the little girl was found dead in her home.

An autopsy report showed that Gizzell died of strangulation combined with blunt force trauma. There were contributing factors that point to child abuse and neglect.

It is believed there were other children in the home as well. Neighbors have described the little girl as respectful, polite and intelligent. 

Police were called to the aprtment by a 911 call stating someone wasnt breathing.  

Helen first told authorities Gizzell had hurt herself in anguish over her absentee mother. A short investigation revealed the girls obvious wounds. Ford tried to explain away the damage to the little girls body by saying she was clumsy and the mother's boyfriend had abused her. 

She then told the police that after asking for a sandwich Gizzell became achy and complained of soreness and was placed in a hot bath. Ford said she gave Gizzell water to drink and she stopped breathing.

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