Drew Peterson - Wife Killer

New letter from Drew Peterson today.

He talked some about his life. He spoke of how worried his mother was when he joined the force and told me not to worry so much about my Army Infantryman son.

He gave me a list of inmates and asked that I find penpals for them and asked for a list of correspondance courses for inmates.

I had complained about feeling old and not having enough hours in a day and his reply was that I am still a kid and he started driving the year I was born.

All in all, from this writers point of view, I can see how he has been called charming. His letters are short and to the point but engaging and comical.

If, in fact, he is guilty of the murders hes accused of, I hope that his efforts behind bars prove fruitful for many, many lives. He has the ability to change scores of lives right now. Let him use his experience to help the world.

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