Fallon Tallent - Tennessee

I was pregnant with my last child in the summer of 03 when I heard about Fallon Tallent. I was working online for a records retrieval company when I heard the live news report of the police chasing her at high speeds down I-40. I stopped working and stared at the screen with interest. It seemed it was a young girl, barely a woman, racing down the Interstate not 60 miles from my house.

Reports say Fallon Tallent was on the tail end of a seven day crack binge that day. She was racing through Mt. Juliet and caught the attention of the police. Her speeds reached over 100 mph and they attempted to stop her using sting strips – the spiked strips police unroll across the road to puncture tires of absconding cars.

Fallon had been caught in this manner before and when she saw the strips go down she swerved, killing two policemen that day, Sergeant Jerry Mundy and Deputy John Musice.

Fallon is big news in the convict writing world. Her romantic entanglements with Tennessee death row diva, Christa Pike, often make headlines and her artwork and poetry turn up for sale online occasionally.

I have thought many times about Fallon. How could a girl so young end up careening down the interstate at top speed? Where did she come from? Where was she going?

She will have to serve 102 years before being eligible for parole. 


  1. As Fallon's cousin I know the answers to the questions you ask. She isn't what she was portrayed to be by the media at all. I love her unconditionally. I could tell stories about what she endured at the hands of her own mother that would make a Hells Angels member cringe.

    1. As Jerry mundys nephew, fuck you and fuck your crack head cousin. Glad she'srotting away in prison till she dies too

    2. Amen, blue....... I DON'T CARE what someone went through. There is NO EXCUSE, NO EXCUSE for doing the kind of crap this girl did. I went through hell growing up, along with three other siblings. We ALL learned the lesson those experiences were supposed to teach us. IT HURTS so don't do anything to cause anyone else that same hurt. So SIMPLE!!! She deserves to be where she is....

    3. Every thing that happen that day could have been avoided if the police had of just waited and let her stopped wherever she was going.I always thought that...

  2. I got to know Fallon a few years ago. I was her cellmate for a very short time. She was kind to me during my time there, and I appreciated that kindness. I believe we are all god's children, and we aren't supposed to judge other human beings, that's up to what ever Deity we believe in. Good luck Fallon, I think kindly of her from time to time, and send out a prayer or two when I do. I hope she is well.

  3. If pictures and photos can tell a story, personally, I see nothing in her eyes that even slightly represents someone with empathy or concern for the deaths of those officers, hopefully her indifference to all those who have suffered at her hands serves her well when she meets her maker.


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