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Ohio’s Donna Roberts death sentence was overturned. She is the states only female on death row. I have written to Donna but she refuses to write back. The Ohio Supreme Court voted 5 – 2 for Roberts after reviewing claims that a judge did not consider specific evidence showing Roberts had suffered brain trauma from a variety of traffic accidents throughout her life and may have led to her murderous behavior. Her defense also cited a violent and abusive childhood home life and several good deeds as an adult such as raising money for soldiers. The ruling commanded the judge to resentence Roberts for the murder of her husband in 2001. She will now be sent back to Trumbull County for resentencing.

Why The Death Penalty In America Is Sexist

CHRISTINA STERBENZ SEP. 6, 2013, 10:18 PM 6,760 20 In just a few weeks, a jury could decide whether Jodi Arias will get the death penalty for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. Considering the United States has executed only 13 women in the last 40 years, a death sentence would seem highly unusual. Women committed less than 10% of all murders in America between 2000 and 2010, a Wall Street Journal analysis of crime data found. However, women defendants only make up 2% of death row, according to a recent report by the NAACP. Even fewer women actually get executed, Death Penalty Information Center executive director Richard Dieter told Business Insider. "There's just less enforcement of the death penalty at almost every stage for females," he said. Two major factors contribute to the low number of women who get capital punishment: the nature of the crime and how juries view women in general. The death penalty is often u

Fatal Beauty by Burl Barer

Rhonda Glover.  Where to begin… where to begin… This woman was so obviously and utterly bat-shit crazy any reasonable person would want to start a review of this book by shouting “How in the hell can you convict a person who is so undeniably insane? But this book doesn’t allow that option. Ol ’ Rhonda had been one Klonopin away from total melt down her whole adult life. As a child and young adult she'd been a rodeo queen and state wide beauty pageant winner. She seemed to excel at everything she did. Police reports, rehab records and personal accounts abound of her erratic and downright weird actions and mannerisms throughout her adult life. She told anyone who would listen that her longtime boyfriend  and father of her son, Jimmy Joste was a devil worshipper who had, in collaboration with George W. Bush, built and operated an underground tunnel stretching throughout the city in which mass child sex torture and murder took place. Check out This Link to get a lit