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Female Cult Leaders Who Kill | Psychology Today

Female Cult Leaders Who Kill | Psychology Today Most serial killers, male and female, work alone. However, there are those who  religious  beliefs and murderous proclivities are intertwined, resulting in a systematic system for serial murder. Let's take a look at two female serial killer cult leaders, despite having lived 100 years apart, share some remarkable similarities. In 1912, 18-year-old Clementine Barnabet shocked Lafayette, Louisiana when she confessed to personally axing 17 people to death as part of her devotion as high priestess to the Church of the Sacrifice. Seven entire families, 40 people in all, were killed by members of this religious group, which apparently believed that riches and immortality could be gained through human sacrifice.  Revenge also seemed to be a factor in a few of the murders, as Ms. Barnabet stated that at least two of the families had refused to obey "messages from God." Ms. Clementine stated that the murders mostly occurre

Shawna Forde - Arizona

 I was researching cases one day last month and came across something in a trades paper for Arizona corrections officers about the Minutemen, Shawna Forde's very own vigilante anti-immigration group. I had checked out Shawna earlier this year but her case didn't interest me. She just seemed like a crazy little white lady with ethnicity issues. Nothing interesting here folks... move along... Seeing that the man was still reporting about her antics in their own private scandal sheets, I decided to check in on her again and looked her up in the Arizona Department of Corrections website . If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find a list of her most recent infractions and disciplinary actions. The most recent being in November of 2013. She's definitely a fighter. Disciplinary Infractions  4 record(s)   [info] Violation Date Infraction Verdict Date Verdict 11/27/2013 VIOL OF DEPT/INST RU 11/27/2013 GUILTY-MIN.VIOL 04/24/2012 CONSPIRACY TO COM

Brenda Stokes Wilson- Nevada

I have been scouring the Internet for information on what happened to Brenda. I have to agree with those of the mind that she is insane. There was no reason for her to do what she did. No evidence pointed out a clear path for her to take, even if she had simply been a love-sick, jealous, psychopath. She imagined it all. Let me remind you about Brenda. She thought her boyfriend was cheating on her with another blackjack dealer at the Bellagio Casio, in Las Vegas. She was so angry about this she took the little girl, her boyfriends daughter, into the desert on the ruse of Christmas shopping and stabbed her to death. Soon after she stabbed young Jade she returned to the casino and slashed the face of her perceived love rival,  Joyce Rhone.  They charged her with murder but I cant find any recent articles, anyone know?