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 I was researching cases one day last month and came across something in a trades paper for Arizona corrections officers about the Minutemen, Shawna Forde's very own vigilante anti-immigration group.

I had checked out Shawna earlier this year but her case didn't interest me. She just seemed like a crazy little white lady with ethnicity issues. Nothing interesting here folks... move along...

Seeing that the man was still reporting about her antics in their own private scandal sheets, I decided to check in on her again and looked her up in the Arizona Department of Corrections website.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find a list of her most recent infractions and disciplinary actions. The most recent being in November of 2013. She's definitely a fighter.

Disciplinary Infractions 4 record(s) [info]

Violation DateInfractionVerdict DateVerdict
I sent her a letter about this blog and she responded with a very nice letter where she said I was sent from heaven. She has been in solitary confinement for over two years and is constantly in arm and leg shackles.

She does claim innocence and, much like Debra Milke, she has some proof. One of the main witnesses of the prosecution, the mother of the victim, said she could not positively identify Shawna and could not pick her out of a photo lineup. There is no DNA link between Shawna and the scene of the crime. She maintains that she was never at the crime scene.

What got her arrested was the talk going around town that the Minuet Men were going to rob drug dealers to fund their operations. The Flores family were known in the area for being drug dealers. The murders weren't considered a hate crime despite the link to the militia because it was meant as a robbery of a dealer, no matter his color. 

Shawna says that despite her affiliations with the group, she had nothing to do with the crime and would not have condoned murder, much less that of a child, no matter the nationality.

These types of cases are always so convoluted and corrupt. Shawna had problems and issues and run in's with the law her entire life. That doesn't make her wrong. Small towns are notorious for sluggish lawmen and snaky D.A.'s. 

Shawna has expressed an interest in writing some things for the website. I hope she will write us one of her op-ed pieces but Ill settle for whatever she feels like sending.

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  1. Yep. That's one plucky child murderer.

    She might have lost her freedom, but she hasn't lost her smile.


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