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Melinda Lynn Muniz - Texas

Another woman from Texas has lost her shit. Melinda Lynn Muniz had a fight with her boyfriend before he left for work on Wednesday of last week. He ended the relationship and left her with his two year old daughter. According to police and convenience store video footage, Melinda took the girl, Grace Ford, to a store and purchased zip ties, duct tape and scissors. After arriving home she suffocated the little girl to death and staged a rape scene. She called her boyfriend and when he and the police arrived they found Melinda bound with duct tape on her mouth and her panties around her ankles. Grace was in her bed bound with duct tape on her mouth. Her lips were blue but she was still warm. Grace later died at the hospital three days later. Immediately the police knew something was hinky. Melinda’s rape story didn't add up. They waited several days, without leaking any details to the media, before arresting her.  Grace’s mother and father, Mitch and Emily Ward,

Shawna Forde Arizona Immigration Vigilante Has a Message for YOU!

Suzanne Basso Execution Looming - Texas

Suzanne Basso, the Harris County Texas woman who stomped to death a mentally ill man who was in love with her for his insurance money was found competent to be executed in January of 2014. Her execution is set for February 5, 2014. Judge Mary Lou Keel of the 232nd State District Court formally announced her decision Wednesday, although she had indicated at the Dec. 13 competency hearing that she likely would rule in favor of prosecutors. The finding indicates that Basso knows that she is to be executed and understands the reason for the sentence. Basso, 59, is to be put to death on Feb. 5. for the 1998 murder of Louis "Buddy" Musso, also 59. She would be the fifth woman executed in Texas since the state resumed executions in 1982. Basso's attorney, Winston Cochran, could not be immediately reached for comment. He has said, however, that he will appeal a ruling adverse to his client. In Basso's trial, testimony indicated she had lured Musso to Texas wit

Amy Bessey Nevada

Amy Bessey is the Las Vegas woman authorities say had an unnatural relationship with her son and plotted with him to kill her husband. Bessey also had her brother, Rick Pearson, in on the plot to kill her husband and cash in on the insurance money. Michael Bessey, Amy’s biological son, is said to have been unusually close to his mother and was adopted by Amy’s husband, Robert Bessey. Robert was shot in the neck but lived to testify at his wife’s trial. He is accused of brutal violence by his family. Amy and Robert were divorcing. Days before it was final he was shot.  Michael and Rick were implicated immediately after nearby surveillance cameras footage placed them near the scene, driving the vehicle the victim reported seeing the shot come from. Months went by before Amy was implicated. Her lover/son told a cellmate that she was involved and the police got wind of it. Her trial just started Wednesday. Amy will not get the death penalty because her husband lived. 

Marlene Johnson - North Carolina

Love is a powerful emotion. Anyone who has ever lost a lover can attest to that. Once you have experienced heartbreak, you never forget that pain. That’s why it so surprises me when these lovers-triangle, crime-of-passion, type things go down. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned A happy wife is a happy life These and other colorful verses are well known for a reason. People, and women in particular, are often in the headlines for murderous reasons wrapped around some thorny, romantic entanglement. Passion will drive you to do so much more than you normally would. When someone you have loved betrays you the pain is often enough to send a person’s mind off the deep end.    Case in point; one Mrs. Marlene Johnson of North Carolina. Marlene’s belief that her husband’s assistant, Shirley Pierce, was sleeping with him had caused her many problems in the last few years. She had repeatedly attacked the woman. There was even a restraining order in place. Evidence sho

The Sociopath Next Door

When we say the word sociopath we think of nutty-eyed weirdoes jacking off in the purse isle at K-mart or that slinky con man, with his greased back hair and cheap leisure suit that talked your retired neighbors out of their life savings last month. Sociopaths are creeps that molest children, abuse the elderly, homeless and animals. Sometimes they are murderers or rapists or kidnappers. They are always obvious and noticeable. Right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. First of all, what is a sociopath? A sociopath is a person who suffers from an antisocial personality disorder. They exhibit characteristics like a complete lack of empathy for the feelings or rights of others, inability to hold a steady job or a lengthy relationship, and lack of regret. They are glib, and most often loners.  They are also extremely charismatic. They exude warmth and concern but it is a learned trait, not authentic. As they grew and matured, these people learn expected emotional responses and

Winter Blues

It is cold here today. Below freezing, actually. The ol' man and I went to town to run errands before the real cold sets in tonight. As my Facebook followers are aware, I received a rather obnoxious email from a Dane Abdool hater. This isn't unusual and doesn't bother me but it does make me ponder the absurdities of life sometimes. On the Facebook post where I described the nasty email, I got comments FROM MY OWN FRIENDS about how I should expect as much, considering the caliber of people I associate with. SHITFUCKDAMNSUCKABAGOFDICKSYOUASSHOLES Oh man, that pisses me off! That's not to say I didn't have supporters pipe in and I appreciate those peeps more than they will ever know but I expect people who know me to know enough to realize how stupid that statement is and if not, to know enough to keep their mouths shut. Another reason it bothers me is because when people consider themselves good, they still feel like its OK to be douchebags to the incarcerat