Amy Bessey Nevada

Amy Bessey is the Las Vegas woman authorities say had an unnatural relationship with her son and plotted with him to kill her husband. Bessey also had her brother, Rick Pearson, in on the plot to kill her husband and cash in on the insurance money.

Michael Bessey, Amy’s biological son, is said to have been unusually close to his mother and was adopted by Amy’s husband, Robert Bessey. Robert was shot in the neck but lived to testify at his wife’s trial. He is accused of brutal violence by his family.

Amy and Robert were divorcing. Days before it was final he was shot.  Michael and Rick were implicated immediately after nearby surveillance cameras footage placed them near the scene, driving the vehicle the victim reported seeing the shot come from.

Months went by before Amy was implicated. Her lover/son told a cellmate that she was involved and the police got wind of it. Her trial just started Wednesday. Amy will not get the death penalty because her husband lived. 

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