Marlene Johnson - North Carolina

Love is a powerful emotion. Anyone who has ever lost a lover can attest to that. Once you have experienced heartbreak, you never forget that pain. That’s why it so surprises me when these lovers-triangle, crime-of-passion, type things go down.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

A happy wife is a happy life

These and other colorful verses are well known for a reason. People, and women in particular, are often in the headlines for murderous reasons wrapped around some thorny, romantic entanglement. Passion will drive you to do so much more than you normally would. When someone you have loved betrays you the pain is often enough to send a person’s mind off the deep end. 
Case in point; one Mrs. Marlene Johnson of North Carolina.
Marlene’s belief that her husband’s assistant, Shirley Pierce, was sleeping with him had caused her many problems in the last few years. She had repeatedly attacked the woman. There was even a restraining order in place.

Evidence shows Marlene had broken into Shirley’s home and beat and stabbed her to death as well as burglarized her home. Investigators say she was found in her bathtub with a knife blade still embedded in her neck. Her body showed signs of a severe beating prior to the stabbing.

She claims she is innocent and that there was a suspicious black guy seen near the victim’s house earlier. The death penalty is on the table because of the burglary.

No evidence has surfaced to prove that the husband Ervin Johnson was having an affair with Ms. Pierce.

Sadly it looks like Marlene just lost her mind in the process of losing her marriage and no one noticed her decent. 

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