Melinda Lynn Muniz - Texas

Another woman from Texas has lost her shit.

Melinda Lynn Muniz had a fight with her boyfriend before he left for work on Wednesday of last week. He ended the relationship and left her with his two year old daughter. According to police and convenience store video footage, Melinda took the girl, Grace Ford, to a store and purchased zip ties, duct tape and scissors.

After arriving home she suffocated the little girl to death and staged a rape scene. She called her boyfriend and when he and the police arrived they found Melinda bound with duct tape on her mouth and her panties around her ankles. Grace was in her bed bound with duct tape on her mouth. Her lips were blue but she was still warm. Grace later died at the hospital three days later.

Immediately the police knew something was hinky. Melinda’s rape story didn't add up. They waited several days, without leaking any details to the media, before arresting her. 

Grace’s mother and father, Mitch and Emily Ward, were in a bitter custody battle over her. Child services had been called out at least 4 times to investigate abuse and neglect but each time ruled the charges unwarranted.

Mitch Ford had texted Melinda several times throughout the day of January 9th 2014, when his daughter died. He asked her when she was moving out and when he would need to schedule child care. He never received an answer. 

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