Jason Wickenhagen - Washington

Jason Wickenhagen Letter
Kenneth Bianchi referred a fellow inmate at Washington State Penitentiary to me in early March, Mr. Jason Wickenhagen.

His letter starts out fairly forlorn and basically stays that way save for a few dull flashes of hope when he mentions what Mr. Bianchi has given him in regards to my services.

 “In all honesty I don’t know why I’m writing. This kind of thing never works for me but I figured what the hell. I’ll give it one more try and after reading some of your letters my hopes got higher.” 

The next part of his letter, I suppose is in reference to Mr. Bianchi’s infamous stardom and his own lack thereof.

“I’m not anybody special. I can understand why people don’t write. After the things I've done in life I certainly don’t deserve it. This isn’t self-pity. I just what I did was wrong and unforgivable. I am doing life without parole for the murder of a child.”

 Rachel Johanna Carver was Jason’s niece. His wife and Rachael’s mother were sisters. Sadly, Rachel had been placed in Rene and Jason Wickenhagen’s home for safety. Her father had sexually molested her sister and mother. Rachel was placed in the Wickenhagen’s custody to protect her from her parents.

She came up missing and her Aunt and Uncle dutifully reported it to the police. When her body was found days later, Jason confessed to sexually assaulting and beating her to death on June 14, 1995. At first he told police that three men broke into his home and forced him to beat Rachel to death. He was 23 years old at the time. He said he owed them money. He named names but one of them was out of town at the time of the murder and his story just went downhill from there.

 “I just feel in my heart that I am a better person now. I am still a work in progress but its moving in the right direction. All I want out of life now is to be of help to others. I was so selfish for so long. It is time to give back. I am trying every day.”

I sent Jason a newsletter and a book list. I'll be posting more about his case as he reveals it.


Christina Tompkins Marcum - Kentucky

Ms. Marcum is accused in the murder and dismemberment of her boyfriends wife. This case is chillingly similar to Amanda Hayes in North Carolina. While Amanda and her husband were in cahoots in their murder, Christina claims abuse, torture and coercion in her case.

Jury selection began Monday for the trial of the 2011 indictment stating Christina and Jason Singleton killed his wife, Angela Singleton, and destroyed her body afterward. Jason received a 30 year sentence for the murder in 2013. Christina is also charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

Christina says she is innocent. Her co-defense counsel has stated that there will be no plea deal, stating "We're not pleading guilty. She didn't do anything. ...You don't plead guilty when you didn't do anything."
Her defense states that she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the tremendous abuse she suffered at the hands of Jason.

The prosecution says they will negate all PTSD information and can prove that Christina's increasingly weird, erratic and volatile behavior toward the victim in the period before her murder proves she had the ability and desire to kill her.

Christina and Jason had been engaged at one point. The relationship went sour and he married Angela. Court records show years of domestic abuse situation, including an account of Christina assaulting Jason because he looked at another woman. After that episode, Jason obtained an emergency order of protection against Christina.

Christina was jailed after a second domestic abuse situation where she threw a cell phone at Jason's head and caused some lacerations. When she was released she moved in with her high school BF, Nick Marcum. The two were soon married. Three days later Jason married Angela.

Jason moved Angela into the home he and Christina had shared. This crawled up Christina's butt much like it would any other woman but she handled it pretty bad. For example, she would park outside the home at all hours of the night and blare the horn until Jason came out. She would call both Angela and Jason 20 - 30 times a day and threaten violence.

Witnesses and friends of Christina tell about being with her as she pissed on Jason and Angela's door mat, seen her breaking windows and heard the many threats. The first month the couple was married as many as six 911 calls were routed to Jason and Angela's address concerning problems with Christina.

Somewhere along the line Christina and Jason got back together. On or near January 14, the 911 calls took a different turn. Jason had thrown her out and called 911 because she refused to leave. Two days before she was killed she called 911 to report he'd changed the locks on her. At this point Jason got his parents involved and they were in the mix trying to get Angela to leave.

Angela's mother reported her missing on Jan. 17, 2011. Two days later, Angela Singleton's dismembered body was found.


Veronica Gonzalez - California

Young Veronica in court in 1998
Veronica  and her husband, Ivan, are both in jail and awaiting death for the murder of her niece, Genny. Veronica and Ivan were granted custody of Genny while her mother went into a drug treatment center and her father spent time in jail for child molestation.

The Gonzales's already had six children of their own but took in Genny,
Genny Rojas
seemingly to abuse. Jurors and policemen and others involved in the case tell tales of the most horrific child abuse they have ever seen. Genny was beaten, abused and starved before being boiled alive at the hands of Aunt Veronica and Uncle Ivan.

Veronica's death sentence was handed down in 1998. She is still sitting on death row and she maintains that her husband was abusive beyond imagining and forced her to comply.
Veronica goes to jail


Eileen Huber - California

Eileen Huber could have gotten the death penalty but she got lucky. She, her BF, John Lewis and his sister, Robin Machuca along with Robin's BF Vincent Hubbard went on a killing spree in 1991 for no reason other than for the hell of it.

The news reports say they loaded up in a couple of cars one day and set out killing folks. They shot a fella right at an intersection while he was driving along. Another guy they hijacked at an ATM. They did the same to another lady. They layed in wait, eating chinese food in their car for another unfortunate lady.

They robbed them all and shot them. Some they kidnapped and forced to withdraw money from their accounts. Others were robbed of what they had on them and killed on the spot. 

I'm sending Eileen a letter this week. By all accounts she was an active and willing participant. I would really like to know what was going through her head when she committed these crimes. Below is the Wicked Attraction episode about Eileen and the deadly killing spree.


Pamela Phillips - Arizona

Pamela Phillips
 Life is drastically different for Pamela Phillips these days. She was a wealthy socialite in the Tucson area when she was arrested and charged with the 1996 car bombing murder of her ex husband. I'll just go ahead and say it. These types of cases sound like a load of baloney to me.

The prosecution says she hired an ex-boyfriend to kill her husband.The problem is, they only have a possible motive. No evidence. Just the fact that she had a $2 million insurance policy on him.

They had been married for a while and made a nice living selling Indian bingo halls and slot machines and various and sundry other gambling mechanisms before Congress legally allowed them to open casinos. The real estate market took a downturn and their finances began to dwindle.

Gary Triano, Pamela's husband, was a man on the edge. Hemorrhaging money from every orifice he turned to gambling. He associated and did business with known mafia men. He borrowed money from people you never want to borrow money from. He was abusive and violent and mean.

Once all the shit hit the fan, Pamela did what most women in her shoes would do and shot the gap. She left and made a new life for herself. She moved and began selling real estate and continued to pay the premiums on his insurance policy because she knew he was spiralling out of control and would not do it. He left her as the beneficiary of his policies because they had two children together.

Her trial just started this week and her attorneys say the prosecution is weak and flimsy. She was wealthy of her accord and there is no evidence linking her to the crime. All the evidence shows her relationship with the man who killed her husband but nothing concrete against her.

The police dropped the ball and lost evidence from the crime scene that may have pointed to another killer. The police say they have testimony from friends that say Pamela masterminded the murder and spoke of him dieing before it happened. Triano's daughter also says she did it.

These black widow/gold digger cases scare me. People get so wound up in what they feel is the moral issue they forget to look at the evidence.

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