Eileen Huber - California

Eileen Huber could have gotten the death penalty but she got lucky. She, her BF, John Lewis and his sister, Robin Machuca along with Robin's BF Vincent Hubbard went on a killing spree in 1991 for no reason other than for the hell of it.

The news reports say they loaded up in a couple of cars one day and set out killing folks. They shot a fella right at an intersection while he was driving along. Another guy they hijacked at an ATM. They did the same to another lady. They layed in wait, eating chinese food in their car for another unfortunate lady.

They robbed them all and shot them. Some they kidnapped and forced to withdraw money from their accounts. Others were robbed of what they had on them and killed on the spot. 

I'm sending Eileen a letter this week. By all accounts she was an active and willing participant. I would really like to know what was going through her head when she committed these crimes. Below is the Wicked Attraction episode about Eileen and the deadly killing spree.

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