Eileen Huber - California

I received a letter from Eileen Huber of California. Eileen is one of the infamous Mall Killers of the early 90's. Eileen, her boyfriend John Lewis, his half sister Robin Machuca and his friend Vincent Hubbard went on a kidnapping and killing spree at several California malls and ATM's.

Eileen's introductory letter is filled with regret. She is the golden child of LWOP. Much like Karla Faye Tucker, Ms. Huber has used her time in prison as a placeholder, in the event that she ever is blessed with a second chance.

Every penny she makes or receives is saved for classes toward her associate's degree. She spends most of her time alone, studying or working on her memoirs, which she plans to give away free to girls homes and juvenile facilities.

"If I ever do get the chance to get out of here, I WILL NOT squander it." she wrote to me. "I want the world to know that just because I was a mixed up unloved little girl, I should never have allowed myself to go along with what was happening."

The jury recommended LWOP for Eileen and all the other perpetrators except Lewis because of their horrific childhoods. Most suffered unnatural amounts of abuse, including rape at the hands of their parents. Eileen's childhood began well but the loss of her mother at an early age set her on the wrong path.

Eileen has spent over half her life in prison for the deaths she had a part in as a young teen. Never bitter or derogatory, she spends her days thanking God for the breaths she draws each day and improving herself in every way she has access too.

Eileen is another example of what's wrong with our justice system. If our prison system was designed for rehabilitation instead of profit, Eileen would be one of many instead of the exception to the rule. She would be a contributing member of society, leaving the bad decisions and rotten choices she made a s a child beind her.


  1. I was roommates with eileen in chowchilla woman's prison. And she is just as described. She keeps to her self, she stays out of trouble and keeps her nose in the books. She is someone I think deserves a second chance.

  2. Eileen is lucky, she isn't in the death row like his boyfriend !

  3. instead of selfishly saving your income for your own benefit why not pay restitution to your victims' families?


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