Stacey Schoeck - Georgia

I received a letter from Stacey Schoeck in Georgia. She is serving life without parole for the hired killing of her husband, Richard Schoeck, on Valentines Day 2010. She hired a fella from her gym that was a friend of a friend, Reginald Coleman. They called him Mr.Results at the gym. 

After planning the murder with Mr. Results, Stacey lured her husband to a remote area of a city park on the pretense of exchanging romantic Valentine cards. Instead of a hearts and flowers Richard got a bullet to the head. 

Mr. Results
That's what the state of Georgia said anyway. She says nothing of her crime in the letter. She only asks what I can offer her as an inmate liaison and how to obtain it. She thanks me for my services and leaves this one poignant line in the closing:

"Life without parole is really a cruel and unusual sentence and I hope one day the people of Georgia will know that it is misused for purposes beyond the scope for which it was intended."


  1. Wow! That is so tragic. I understand that no marriage is perfect, but it is very saddening when a marriage ends in such a gruesome manner.

    1. You're right Tiffany, no marriage is perfect. I can't fathom ever reaching a point where I'd want to hurt, let alone kill, my spouse. That must be a very dark place.

      Also, I know everyone doesn't believe in divorce, but isn't that a much better option that murder? I definitely think it is. I'm sorry their marriage ended like that.

  2. There were six bullets. One to the head was what was planned. This was husband number five, so maybe divorce got expensive, and seeing that Richard adopted two of her children, there’d be a custody issue this time around.
    I am sorry that she made this choice and even sorrier that in her correspondences, she rewrites her role as victim. I am sure with time and reflection, she’ll see that her sentence was much lighter than Richard’s AND that she dragged others into it. Many lives ruined because divorce would be complicated. Yes, she has a lot more growing up to do.
    And she will. I am sure. She’s just not there yet.


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