Joliet, Ill Double Murder by Two Young Couples

In quiet suburban Chicago, Joliet, Illinois, another grisly murder scene perpetrated by four very young adults occurred in 2013.  These types of murderous situations always freak us out so bad because we are aghast at the ages of the suspects.

Young people who murder trip us out because we all have that belief that the young are innocent and sweet; our future. Then we remember evil comes from somewhere, it doesn't just spring up from the soul like a pop tart.

Alisa Massaro, 18; Bethany McKee, 18; Adam Landerman, 19 (son of a Joliet police sergeant) and Joshua Miner, 24, were the Joliet party crew and they were out of cigarettes, which is never a good thing if you're the party crew. They cook up a scheme to lure and rob people to keep their party going. Those somebodies turned out to be two 22-year-old males, Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins.

The victims and suspects were friends. They came to the house on the 1100 block of North Hickory Street to drink, smoke, play video games and party but instead were strangled and robbed.

After the murders McKee and Miner had sex atop the dead boys' bodies and played video games before going with the others to put gas in McKee's car and buy cigarettes and party supplies.

KcKee has been found guilty. McKee's sentencing date has been set for Oct. 16. Joshua Miner is to go on trial for the murders on Sept. 22. A trial date for suspect Adam Landerman, 21, of Joliet, has not been set.

Alisa Massaro, 20, pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and concealing a homicide in exchange for a 10-year prison term and her agreement to testify against McKee, Miner and Landerman.


Virginia Butler & Tracy Gomez California

Two women caught on camera have been charged in the beating death of an elderly man as he waited for a train in Los Angelos. Virginia Marie Butler and Tracy Joy Gomez are accused of tragically beating  65-year-old John Whitmore as he waited for a Blue Line train. He died at the hospital a week later, after receiving severe injuries from the attack.

Prosecutors say the two women approached Mr. Whitmore and began beating him with their hands and feet, using brass knuckles on June 13 and left the scene after he fell to the ground. No motive has been declared and the investigation is ongoing. Gomez has a second degree robbery conviction from 2009 that will play a part in her charges. 

Both women have pleaded not-guilty and remain in custody with million dollar bonds. If found guilty, they could receive life without the possibility of parole. 


Ana Trujillo Texas

I wear high heels. A lot. I wear them so much I have a little reputation with my Facebook followers for posting pictures of the shoes I wear to work every day. Because they are adorbs and the world should see them.

I get a lot of crazy questions about how walking is possible and if they hurt. Especially when I wear my Mojitos. No one can seem to grasp the concept of those babies. Oh, but they are gorgeous.

Another thing I hear a lot is how painful it would be to have one of those heels jammed into your crotch or eye socket or some other fleshy, soft place. Not only would that be painful, but also, apparently, deadly.

Ana Trujillo has received a life sentence in Texas for the murder of her
boyfriend with her five inch stiletto heel. Yowzers. I mean, I know they say beauty is painful, but this is ridiculous.

She claimed she was acting only in self defense and that  Alf Stefan Andersson had tried to kill her. The problem with that theory, however, is that he was stabbed over 25 times.She claims the murder was the result of an hour long fight where he chased her, threw her around and brutally attacked her.

She testified on the stand for more than seven hours, but it took only four hours for the jury to return a guilty verdict.

If you'd like to read more about Kelly and her writing please visit www.kellybanaski.com 

Christina Regusters Pennsylvania

Christina Regusters, 21, a daycare worker in Pennsylvania has been charged with the kidnapping and rape of a little girl in the institution she worked at. Authorities say she clothed herself in Muslim garb and convinced a substitute she was the girl’s mother, intending to take her to lunch.

Jury selection has taken place and the trial is about to start. The little girl was found partially clothed in a playground after an 18 hour ordeal. She was able to describe what happened to her and details of the crime to the police, including the presence of a talking bird which led investigators to the arrest. 

Police and prosecutors believe there were other accomplices involved, but so far there have been no other arrests. 


Serial Killer Anthology

Please check out my work on serial killer David Russell Williams in the December release of this great book from RJ Parker Publishing. 

I have the very distinguished privilege of sharing the pages with some fine authors!


Eileen Huber, The Repetant Accomplice

  Most of the questions I get emailed to me are about Brenda Andrew from Oklahoma, a woman who I do not communicate with. She routinely refuses any services I offer her without a word. As of late, however, Ms. Andrew has been surpassed by the repentant murder accomplice, Eileen Huber. Eileen of the California Mall Murders in the late '80's.

I've sent out many copies of her memoirs and I'm really excited to tell her about it. I think she will be very pleased. I received one email that was especially interesting in that it was from a woman who lived in Eileen's neighborhood during the time before the crimes. She prefers not to share her name but shares her experiences with Eileen and John below:

Newspaper accounts, and the show Wicked Attraction, describe Eileen's childhood as "normal." As someone who knew her in high school, I can tell you that this is not the truth. I spent many days at her house where her brother, a drug dealer, would give me and my friends drugs and alcohol while we were cutting classes. 

Most of the time, Eileen wasn't there, but I did see her at her home occasionally. I witnessed a different Eileen than the media portrays. She was lonely and neglected and abused by her family, which did not include her mother in the home. She was fragile, but always pretended to be okay. She was the kind of girl who would have done anything for love and attention. I was saddened, but not surprised, when I learned that she had been arrested for the crimes.

I did know John Lewis very well. We went to high school together (late 1980's) and lived in the same apartment complex. I recently read that Baldwin Park, where we lived, was declared a "disaster area" around 1985. I believe it. 

John and I lived in the worst neighborhood there. Drive-by shootings, drugs, and prostitution were norms in the apartment complex. John Lewis was a perfect product of this environment and he had a tragic upbringing.  He lived a few doors down from me. I saw him then as a dangerous person. He was in a gang, and my sister dated him briefly. 

My sister told me that she had been held against her will and even raped by him. He shot her in the leg with a BB gun, but when the police arrived, she lied so that he wouldn't be arrested. She was afraid of what he would do to her. I tried to avoid him as much as possible. Whenever he looked at me, he had a menacing look about him. He also harassed my father, who was dying of cancer at the time. John was a predator and a manipulator, I knew that.

I left Baldwin Park in 1988 or 89, so I hadn't heard about Eileen and John becoming a couple. I was living with friends in Bakersfield, California when I saw the arraignment on the news. Mutual friends, who had seen her during the time of the killing, told me that they were engaged and that Eileen had showed them her engagement ring. The ring that later turned out to be a victim's. 

That friend and I discussed Eileen and both felt that we were not close friends with her. We knew her to be a vulnerable and lonely girl. Neither of us thought that she would have committed these crimes without the influence of John Lewis. We wondered what might have been if we had been better friends to her. We did know her brother, Robert, better as he was closer in age to us.


Pearl Sinthia Fernandez California

Pearl Sinthia Fernandez may be facing the death penalty. She and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, are accused of the torture and beating death of her eight year old son, Gabriel. Pearl was known for her gang affiliations and sleazy lifestyle for years before the death of Gabriel.

Gabriel had been removed from her custody at one time and placed with family members. Her relationship with her son in those years was described as nonexistent by family members. She would not even address him at family events. This behavior is exactly why it was such a surprise when she fought to regain custody. Her cousins and Aunt say they believe it was for welfare money.

Soon after she took Gabriel home, he began showing up at school with bruises and marks. Teachers report his accusations of his mother punching, burning and shooting him in the face with a BB gun. Social workers checked on him but repeatedly left him with his abusive mother and boyfriend.

They finally beat him to death one day and police were called to find him barely breathing and unresponsive. He had broken ribs and other bones, burn marks and BB pellets in his stomach, face and groin. Isauro Aguirre admitted to punching him in the stomach at least 10 times earlier in the day.

The death penalty very well may be on the table when this case reaches that point. But what of the social workers that visited time and again only to leave Gabriel with his cruel, gangbanging mother and psychopathic boyfriend. Many were fired when Gabriel died, but I wonder if they're incompetance haunts them.


Lafonda Fay Foster Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky bills itself as the horse capital of the world and as you'd imagine, with a self appointed moniker as such, it's a very green city full of fresh air and families. Youth football and cheerleading are the big deals in town and the Farmer's Market is still the best place to hear the scores on Saturday morning along with a healthy dose of whatever else is going on in town. It's normal. It's safe. It always has been, except for that hellacious night in  April of 1986 when LaFonda Faye Foster and Tina Hickey went on a killing spree the likes of which Lexington has never seen again.

I got a short, question filled letter from Lafonda which she signs "Faye...aka...Sug". Mostly she asks how I can help her, what information I have available and if I have anything I can send her about animal kingdoms and biology. It is the first letter I have received from her and many women I hear from often wait to discuss their case and feelings and some chose not to ever do so. She said she has a penpal account on writeaprisoner.com and asks me to check that its up and valid. I could not find her on the site. I did find Tina Powell's profile and she is looking for men, which I found really odd.

I hope Faye, or Sug, decides to tell me something because I wonder how she and Tina came to the decisions they did that day. Five people were killed by stabbing, shooting, running over with a car, and setting on fire. Faye was 23 and Tina  28 the night they set out on an epic drinking binge.

Like so many before her, Faye had a long, long history of abuse and criminal activity from childhood and beyond. She was a drug addict, a prostitute and an occasional lesbian. Authorities in Lexington knew her as severely emotionally disturbed and violent.

After getting extremely drunk and running out of money, five people died in an attempt to get more money and more booze and more cocaine. Has she found some sort of peace in jail? She was a consummate criminal at the time of the killings. Jail a common occurrence in her life. Was the death sentence and then LWOP just par for the course or has it affected her in some way? Is she repentant or pissed off?

Below is an episode of Deadly Women depicting this senseless massacre.



Robbin Machuca California

Robbin Machucca, one of the four California Mall Murder assailants sent me a letter I received last week. I have about three or four letters from Eileen Huber, another assailant in that set of spree killings that terrorized the California countryside in 1991.

It was Eileen's boyfriend and Robbin's brother, John Lewis, who was the ringleader on a quest to "get back at society" for all the perceived shortcomings he'd been dealt in his life. Robbin's boyfriend, Vincent Hubbard, was also a player in this deadly game where five people lost their lives.

Robbin's letters are slightly different from Eileen's, despite having spent the last two decades together paying for the three months of deadly terror they participated in. Eileen talks of regret and an overwhelming sadness. Her letters are filled with determination to take what hours she has left to fill and turn them into markers of accomplishments dedicated to the victims of the Puente Hills Mall killings. She takes classes and works at prison jobs. She volunteers and has written a memoir, which she distributes to area girl's juvenile facilities. She asks for addresses of girls detention centers and self help classes.

Robbin is equally as repentant, but handles it vastly different. While her letter was filled with regret and shame, there was a touch of self-pity. She repeatedly referred to her crimes as "regrettable", "disgusting" and "shameful". She urged me to "google my name because I cannot bear the shame of repeating the awful things I was involved in". She also laments long and hard about her situation, her lack of family, friends and funds and how long she has been incarcerated, 22 years, without actually having murdered anyone. She asks for letters. She asks for commissary money and  for information on lion prides.

I feel for her. I don't think she should have gotten LWOP. She was young and impressionable and coming from an abusive home, had no real shot at life to begin with. However, it's women like her that allows me a little understanding of those people who refuse sympathy to women like Robbin. While both Robbin and Eileen were knowing accomplices to their men on a three month long, cold blooded murder spree, they have come to terms with it differently.


Eileen Huber - California Mall Murders

I've been receiving letters from Eileen for a few months now, since early May, I think. As inmates go, she is very literate and well spoken. She makes no excuses for her crimes aside from kicking her own ass. In this last letter she included a small booklet she'd authored full of memories and recollections and prison life pondering. It is heartfelt and poignant and stirring. So much so that I have included it in the speaking engagements, I do for schools, group homes and girls detention centers.

It tells of her childhood and while it isn't as bad as others, it's obvious where some of her issues stem. Her mother; cold and uncaring. Her father, loving but inept and subordinate. Add to them a cruel and jealous older brother and home life becomes a melting pot of anger.

Her case is even harder to understand when you consider that she never pulled a trigger, pointed a gun or issued a threat. She was simply along for the ride. Albeit a dangerous, stupid and cruel ride, but Eileen came from no background that would have taught her better.

Eileen valued honesty above everything else and still does. All her life, things changed on the spur of the moment, nothing anyone ever said proved true, nothing could be counted on. She lived her life on the hope that someday she would meet the man who was as honest as she was. Her memories recall how she has always been driven to prove she was a "down ass white bitch'  who would be a ride or die friend. It was important to her to be identified in this manner.

She was 21 when she was involved with John Lewis, who seemed to be the man she was waiting for after enduring a hardscrabble childhood. He was exciting and handsome and would do anything in the world to make sure she had everything she needed.

John later told police that he felt he was getting back at society for his perceived mistreatment when he killed four people in a series of stalking/kidnapping/murders in California strip malls in 1991. Eileen was with at the killings. She was aware of his intentions and participated just short of killing, driving cars and disposing of evidence.

She takes full responsibility for these acts now. She looks back rarely, but always with regret. Her days are filled with volunteer work, studying and work. She mentors other inmates and works toward a degree every day. He outlook is bright and shiny and all she does is done in the names of the victims. Does this help anything? No. It doesn't help the victims or the families and it can't reverse the crime, but it is a step in the right direction. It is breaking the cycle and Eileen is doing it despite all the prison system does to stop her.

If you would like a copy of Eileen's memories or would like to invite me to speak to your group of troubled girls, please email admin@thewomancondemned.com


Miranda Barbour Pennsylvania

Miranda Barbour,19, is a Pennsylvania woman, Charged with the November 2013 killing of a man she lured from Craigslist. Miranda and her husband, Elytte Barbour, 22, lured several men from craigslist for sex during the months preceding the murder.

The couple had been married only three weeks when they decided they wanted to experience killing someone together. They moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania and began contacting men on Craigslist for sex. They attempted murder several times, but were unsuccessful.

Troy LaFerrara, 42, answered their ad and agreed to sex for $100. He met Miranda in a parking lot and she drove him to a secluded area where she stabbed him 20 times and Elytte strangled him from the backseat. They dumped his body in a suburban backyard, but forgot to destroy his cell phone. The last call he’d made was to them.

She says he was a bad man; that when she had him in her car, her husband hidden under a blanket n the back, she asked him if it bothered him that she was only 16. He said no. Because of that, he deserved to die for being a perv. She said the code words "have you seen the stars tonight" and waited for her husband to pop up from the back to begin the slaughter. He didn't, though, for whatever reason so she stabbed him without his help. She also says they left the cell phone on purpose. She wanted to get caught.

After her arrest, Miranda claims she’s killed upwards of 20 “bad men” throughout the course of her life as a student of Satan. Her father and sister say she is a compulsive liar and heroin addict, suffering the effects of abuse. The trial judge described her case as the most physically extreme case of abuse he had ever seen. The state says they are taking these statements very seriously, find them credible and are investigating not only that, but also the death of Miranda’s baby-daddy some years earlier.

In May, a judge decided that the death penalty could remain an option for her upcoming trial due to the fact that she took money from her victim, making it a capital case. Since her arrest early this year and the ensuing investigation, there has been no evidence that she is, in fact, a serial killer.