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I wear high heels. A lot. I wear them so much I have a little reputation with my Facebook followers for posting pictures of the shoes I wear to work every day. Because they are adorbs and the world should see them.

I get a lot of crazy questions about how walking is possible and if they hurt. Especially when I wear my Mojitos. No one can seem to grasp the concept of those babies. Oh, but they are gorgeous.

Another thing I hear a lot is how painful it would be to have one of those heels jammed into your crotch or eye socket or some other fleshy, soft place. Not only would that be painful, but also, apparently, deadly.

Ana Trujillo has received a life sentence in Texas for the murder of her
boyfriend with her five inch stiletto heel. Yowzers. I mean, I know they say beauty is painful, but this is ridiculous.

She claimed she was acting only in self defense and that  Alf Stefan Andersson had tried to kill her. The problem with that theory, however, is that he was stabbed over 25 times.She claims the murder was the result of an hour long fight where he chased her, threw her around and brutally attacked her.

She testified on the stand for more than seven hours, but it took only four hours for the jury to return a guilty verdict.

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  1. Stabbed 25 times...with a stiletto?!

    That's a brutally way to go.

  2. Abusive relationships can be very complex, but it's hard to argue that stabbing someone 25 times isn't overkill.


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