Eileen Huber - California Mall Murders

I've been receiving letters from Eileen for a few months now, since early May, I think. As inmates go, she is very literate and well spoken. She makes no excuses for her crimes aside from kicking her own ass. In this last letter she included a small booklet she'd authored full of memories and recollections and prison life pondering. It is heartfelt and poignant and stirring. So much so that I have included it in the speaking engagements, I do for schools, group homes and girls detention centers.

It tells of her childhood and while it isn't as bad as others, it's obvious where some of her issues stem. Her mother; cold and uncaring. Her father, loving but inept and subordinate. Add to them a cruel and jealous older brother and home life becomes a melting pot of anger.

Her case is even harder to understand when you consider that she never pulled a trigger, pointed a gun or issued a threat. She was simply along for the ride. Albeit a dangerous, stupid and cruel ride, but Eileen came from no background that would have taught her better.

Eileen valued honesty above everything else and still does. All her life, things changed on the spur of the moment, nothing anyone ever said proved true, nothing could be counted on. She lived her life on the hope that someday she would meet the man who was as honest as she was. Her memories recall how she has always been driven to prove she was a "down ass white bitch'  who would be a ride or die friend. It was important to her to be identified in this manner.

She was 21 when she was involved with John Lewis, who seemed to be the man she was waiting for after enduring a hardscrabble childhood. He was exciting and handsome and would do anything in the world to make sure she had everything she needed.

John later told police that he felt he was getting back at society for his perceived mistreatment when he killed four people in a series of stalking/kidnapping/murders in California strip malls in 1991. Eileen was with at the killings. She was aware of his intentions and participated just short of killing, driving cars and disposing of evidence.

She takes full responsibility for these acts now. She looks back rarely, but always with regret. Her days are filled with volunteer work, studying and work. She mentors other inmates and works toward a degree every day. He outlook is bright and shiny and all she does is done in the names of the victims. Does this help anything? No. It doesn't help the victims or the families and it can't reverse the crime, but it is a step in the right direction. It is breaking the cycle and Eileen is doing it despite all the prison system does to stop her.

If you would like a copy of Eileen's memories or would like to invite me to speak to your group of troubled girls, please email admin@thewomancondemned.com


  1. I worked in the prison where Eileen is incarcerated when she first arrived. She was my inmate worker for the housing unit. She was young, vibrant and always had a positive attitude. I do think she was used and manipulated by Lewis. She was a very young person caught up with the wrong people. Not to make any excuses for her part in this crime but I do think she fully understands what she has done and excepts the hand she was dealt for it. I always treated her like any if the other inmates but did have a soft spot for her. If you knew her and were around her everyday, not knowing her crime, you would never guess she was a part of anything like that. Right or wrong, these are the words of my heart.

    1. WOW Chris! Thats quite a perspective. Thanks for sharing it. I have heard lots of similar things from people who know her.

    2. I also knew Eileen personally and when I had heard about it several years ago I was shocked: Eileen was manipulated by someone who lied to her and led her down the wrong path. I went to school with Eileen and yes you do develop a soft spot for her. She is a person with a good heart, you might ask how can someone with a good heart participate. But guess what we've all done something we are not proud of and I want to go and visit her, but not sure were to start. If she sees me she will remember me: I have thought about her much over the years

  2. Well, Eileen was not just along for the ride. It was SHE who owned the car and did the driving so her new boyfriend could kidnap, rob and murder innocent people. Ergo, Eileen was a vital cog in the MO of this murderous gang. No question in my mind THAT is why she received LWOP. She didn't pull one trigger on those five dead people attributed to the "Mall Murders Gang". But she watched as all of them were shot by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend then got back into Eileen's car and they drove off to spend the loot they'd just stole --there were FIVE separate incidences of murder that Eileen watched go down. OBVIOUSLY, there were going to to many, many, many more of these kidnappings/robberies & murders had it not been for a fluke pull over by a police officer for a traffic incident.

    Eileen deserves the LWOP sentence IMO, and I also believe there is an element of pure evil about her. Remember, she watched as five people were ruthlessly gunned down. I found no record of her pleading with her murderous boyfriend not to murder any one of the five dead victims.

    1. Agreed. If the author of the post listed the multiple crimes she was convicted of, there would not be much sympathy for her. Of the four people in her gang, she was the only one that didn't come from serious physical and sexual abuse. She had real life choices, and she purposely made the worst ones possible.

  3. I knew Eileen in elementary and Jr high. I was shocked when these murders happened to find out she was involves. There is no excuse. Life is full of choices. She made poor ones. Just because she didn't pull the trigger doesn't make her less guilty! I suffered sexual abuse as a child. I've never harmed anyone. I don't do drugs. Good choices can be made. It's all about personal decisions and then accepting responsibility for them. She's right where she belongs!

  4. She should have gotten the death penalty , she is a scumbag I have no compassion for her may she rot in hell with her accomplises


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