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Eileen Huber, The Repetant Accomplice

  Most of the questions I get emailed to me are about Brenda Andrew from Oklahoma, a woman who I do not communicate with. She routinely refuses any services I offer her without a word. As of late, however, Ms. Andrew has been surpassed by the repentant murder accomplice, Eileen Huber. Eileen of the California Mall Murders in the late '80's.

I've sent out many copies of her memoirs and I'm really excited to tell her about it. I think she will be very pleased. I received one email that was especially interesting in that it was from a woman who lived in Eileen's neighborhood during the time before the crimes. She prefers not to share her name but shares her experiences with Eileen and John below:

Newspaper accounts, and the show Wicked Attraction, describe Eileen's childhood as "normal." As someone who knew her in high school, I can tell you that this is not the truth. I spent many days at her house where her brother, a drug dealer, would give me and my friends drugs and alcohol while we were cutting classes. 

Most of the time, Eileen wasn't there, but I did see her at her home occasionally. I witnessed a different Eileen than the media portrays. She was lonely and neglected and abused by her family, which did not include her mother in the home. She was fragile, but always pretended to be okay. She was the kind of girl who would have done anything for love and attention. I was saddened, but not surprised, when I learned that she had been arrested for the crimes.

I did know John Lewis very well. We went to high school together (late 1980's) and lived in the same apartment complex. I recently read that Baldwin Park, where we lived, was declared a "disaster area" around 1985. I believe it. 

John and I lived in the worst neighborhood there. Drive-by shootings, drugs, and prostitution were norms in the apartment complex. John Lewis was a perfect product of this environment and he had a tragic upbringing.  He lived a few doors down from me. I saw him then as a dangerous person. He was in a gang, and my sister dated him briefly. 

My sister told me that she had been held against her will and even raped by him. He shot her in the leg with a BB gun, but when the police arrived, she lied so that he wouldn't be arrested. She was afraid of what he would do to her. I tried to avoid him as much as possible. Whenever he looked at me, he had a menacing look about him. He also harassed my father, who was dying of cancer at the time. John was a predator and a manipulator, I knew that.

I left Baldwin Park in 1988 or 89, so I hadn't heard about Eileen and John becoming a couple. I was living with friends in Bakersfield, California when I saw the arraignment on the news. Mutual friends, who had seen her during the time of the killing, told me that they were engaged and that Eileen had showed them her engagement ring. The ring that later turned out to be a victim's. 

That friend and I discussed Eileen and both felt that we were not close friends with her. We knew her to be a vulnerable and lonely girl. Neither of us thought that she would have committed these crimes without the influence of John Lewis. We wondered what might have been if we had been better friends to her. We did know her brother, Robert, better as he was closer in age to us.


  1. I wrote Eileen the other day after you shared this piece with me. That's generally a no no for me because before I got into this, it was suggested to never write two women in the same compound. Breaking tradition, I sent her a very nice card acknowledging these memoirs and offering her encouragement. She comes off very strong and determined, but you can still sense a side of depression. Her motives are very pure and I wish her the best as she continues to act as a catalyst for change.

    1. Generally, its a bad idea to write more than one person, especially women, at one facility. I learned that lessons with the women in PA's Muncy. I have noticed that the girls where Eileen and Robbin are seem more laid back and seem to get along better.

    2. That is such a sweet gesture. I'm sure that she can use all the encouragement that she can get.

      After reading the woman's statement, it definitely does paint a different picture of Eileen. It's sad how our lives can be alter so severely and negatively.

    3. I just heard back from Eileen today. She thanked me for taking the time to send her a card. She was happy that you took the time to share her thoughts with the rest of the world. I think she felt justified in knowing that it touched peoples lives in different capacities.

  2. I'm curious Kelly, why is it a bad idea to write more than one person at a facility?

    Is it a violation to rule that's in place or is it to protect the people in the facility?

    1. It's not a violation, It just may bring potential drama. People incarcerated can be very territorial, and as silly as this sounds, they may end up fighting over someone on the outside writing two people at the same time. I never wanted to be the person who caused unnecessary strife in someone's day to day.

    2. There are actual facilities that do not allow you to correspond with more than one inmate if there has been an issue. Mainly, they just get jealous. It causes problems behind the bars.

  3. Wow that is not the person i grew up with. I used to run around with her she was heavily into drugs, sex alcohol, dealing drugs, her brother was a sick perv. Her dad was kind of creepy he used to make inappropriate comments. He allowed her to stay out late if i said she was with me since i was the one friend that was not into drugs. She was sneaky, she was manipulative and a thief she even stole from mrs cable a teachrr asst. who only ever tried to help her. Blaming their neighborhood or childhood is bs i grew up in the same enviorment without a mother since age 5 and when she was around it was abusive and i did not do the things they did. They need to take responsiblity for their actions not blame anything or anyone else they each had a hand in taking a life or lives. She is still playing a roll yes i was close friends with her but walked away due to her morals and lies.

    1. And yet here you are 20+ years later trolling forums and talking smack about someone who is unable to respond back (over something you apparently walked away from. You know, for moral reasons).

      It must have been arduous to come back after such a long hiatus and educate us simple people about life in the San Gabriel Valley.

  4. Stormy bulldog etal: I have no doubt that you knew the Eileen that you described. I never said she was a perfect angel. She was, like many of us, a product of her environment. That said, I still believe that she was easily led as she sought approval of others. At the end of the day, she is paying for what she did. Bashing her does not change what happened, nor does it help the victims in any way.


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