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Holly Grigsby Oregon

Holly Grigsby is another case of wicked attraction. Together with her boyfriend, David "Joey" Pedersen, Holly took part in the kidnapping, robbing and murder of four victims in three states, two of which were his parents. Holly and Joey are white supremacists on a mission to kill Jews, who still stand by their beliefs. “My actions have further damaged the reputation of a movement misunderstood,” she said. “I deeply regret this.”

Although she had originally claimed to shoot one of the victims, when she admitted guilt and was sentenced in July she told the judge she did not kill any of them. The killing started when Pedersen and Grigsby traveled from Oregon to Washington and murdered Pedersen's father, David "Red" Pedersen, accusing him of being a child molester, then his stepmother, Leslie DeeDee Pedersen for being a "supporter" of pedofilic activity.

Pedersen claimed responsibility for killing both of them, but prosecutors said the government was prepared to prove that Grigsby had slashed DeeDee Pedersen's throat, using two knives because one was not sharp enough.

Grigsby told a California newspaper reporter after she was arrested that she had killed DeeDee Pedersen to save face for her boyfriend because white supremacists believe that men should not murder women. She later recanted that statement. She was sentenced to LWOP.


Lisa Ann Coleman Texas

Lisa Coleman has been on death row since 2006 for the starvation murder of 9 year old  Davontae Williams. Coleman was in a relationship with the boy's mother, Marcella Williams and lived with the pair.  Lisa and Marcella tortured, beat and starved Davontae to death. Marcella took a plea deal.

Lisa Coleman is scheduled to be executed on September 17, 2024 in Texas.


Sheila LaBarre New Hampshire

From http://www.authorkevinflynn.com/kf/LaBarre_case.html:

Sheila LaBarre used her sharp mind and raw sexuality to her advantage her whole life.  She preyed on "lost souls," befriending them, taking some of them as lovers.  She's also suspected of killing them in the most brutal of ways.  Is she evil, or insane?

On Sunday, April 2nd, 2006, a Revere, MA police dispatcher followed up on a tip about a woman wanted out of New Hampshire. The woman gave a false name and was arrested with $80,000 in cash and checks.  Cops identified her because her picture was on the front page of the newspaper.  The headline read: "JUST PLAIN CRAZY."

A week earlier, New Hampshire investigators had discovered bones and other remains among a burned mattress on her farm.  There was also a pet rabbit covered in blood. The remains of 24-year old Kenneth Countie were so badly burned that identification...let alone finding evidence of homicide...was going to be a challenge.

Countie had an undiagnosed form of autism and the mental capacity of a 12 year old. After a blind date, he moved to her Epping, NH farmhouse.  When the two were spotted in Wal-mart,she was pushing his bruised and battered body in a wheel chair and was piling diesel fuel containers on his lap.  When police visited the farm to check on Countie’s welfare, they discovered a meaty human bone sticking out of a smoldering burn pit.

Neighbors in the small town of Epping shared rumors about the 48-year-old woman, who moved to NH in 1986 after answering a personal ad from elderly chiropractor Bill LaBarre.  She was known for being flirtatious and tempestuous, but neighbors also knew she could be violent.  When Dr. LaBarre died suddenly in 2000, relatives wondered aloud if Sheila has poisoned him for the property.  In the years after Dr. LaBarre died, several young men had lived on the farm and most were seen beaten or bloody.

LaBarre slipped away from the cops tailing her, and hitched a ride from Stephen Martello.  The two had wild sex in a hotel room outside of Boston.  LaBarre told him she was an angel who had come back to life to rid the world of pedophiles.

She had grown up as Sheila Bailey in Fort Payne, AL, the youngest of six children.  Her first marriage lasted eight weeks, when her 19-year old husband discovered Sheila had been locking his toddler in a closet.  She moved to Chattanooga with her second husband, but dreamed of being swept away by a rich suitor.

The Countie murder case took an unusual turn as authorities discovered new evidence on LaBarre's farm.  Hundreds of cops spent 17 days searching the 115 acre property and beyond.  They found evidence of older burn pits and blood splatter so old it had layers of dust in it.  They also found clothes belonging to Michael Deloge, another man who had been living at the farm and vanished into thin air.

In February 2008, Sheila LaBarre changed her plea to not guilty by reason of insanity.  She confessed to the killings of Countie and Deloge, but claimed she was crazy when she did it.

As the murder trial of Sheila LaBarre approached in May 2008, major questions about this saga remained.  How did Kenneth Countie and Michael Deloge die? Did she poison Dr. LaBarre in an effort to obtain his million-dollar farm?  Was she legally insane at the time of the killings?

And the most puzzling question of all: who really is Sheila LaBarre?  How could she commit such a crime of brutal execution and of wicked intention?


Pam Moss Georgia

Pam Moss has checked in again. She asks for help starting a program with a friend to help women prepare for release. She tells a few stories about girls who have come and gone in her stay there. Most to return for lack of free-world resources. She explains that to be released you must have a place to live and a job set up, but there is no way to get that accomplished. There are no reentry programs available. Since I work with long term inmates I do not have readily available information about reentry programs.So that goes on the list of things to provide for Pam.

The majority of Pam's letter is dedicated to her worry about world affairs. She doesnt get a chance to see television news very often. It happens rarely and usually more by chance or accident than by design. One of these rare occasions happened for Pam recently and she learned of the ISIS crisis. She was only able to garner a limited knowledge of the issue in the short time she had access to the news but what she saw effected her.

As is the case with long term inmates, Pam has obsessed on this free-world problem. The remainder of her 6 page letter is a litany of questions about the ISIS group and the problems surrounding them. She theorizes their possible issues and the outcomes she foresees. Asks more questions. Asks for news clippings and articles pertaining to the issue and finally ends with some rather dark prophasizing about the state and future of the world.

Can you imagine? Being locked away from the world and only catching a few snippets of news of a possible world threatening problem. Then hurried back away to your cell to wonder and worry and obsess about your loved ones outside the walls. No way of knowing your own fate much less that of others.

Pam is in prison for the murder of her business partner. She killed and buried the man under her porch.


Tracey Lynn Garner Gives Bad Butt Injections in Mississippi

Tracy Lynn Garner, 54, was found guilty of depraved-heart murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in the 2012 death of Karima Gordon, 37, whom she had given illegal silicone butt injections too. Garner is not a nurse, but an interior designer who apparently gives butt injections on the side.

According to Wikipedia; Depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder, is an American legal term for an action that demonstrates a "callous disregard for human life" and results in death. In most states, depraved heart killings constitute second-degree murder.[1]

If no death results, such acts would generally be defined as reckless endangerment (sometimes known as "Culpable Negligence") and possibly other crimes, such as assault.
Karima Gordon

The murder conviction, which took the jury 5 hours to find, carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. "We felt confident that the evidence would lead to a conviction," said Attorney General Jim Hood in a statement. "We hope this verdict will deliver some sense of justice for Ms. Gordon's family."

Gordon died eight days after receiving the injections in 2012.Prosecutors said Gordon's death was caused by the injections Garner administered. Gordon was referred to Garner by Natasha Stewart, an adult entertainer,calling herself Pebbelz Da Model. Stewart was convicted of manslaughter in February and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.
Pebbelz butt injects seem to have worked

Garners attorney, John M. Collette, argues that the victims knew and was actively searching a dicey, illegal, bargain basement butt enhancement and that she had other procedures that could have caused her death. He also claims the silicone in the victim's body did not match that which was seized from Garners possession.

The big twist on this already weird story is that Tracy Lynn Garner was once a man, Morris Graner, who had a sex change, Garner also faces similar charges in the 2010 death of Marilyn Hale, of Selma, Alabama. The trial date in that case has not yet been set.


La Donna Curry and Audreianna McNeil Illinois

La Donna Curry and Audreianna McNeil are in some deep shit. La Donna was involved with the popular Chicago party promoter, John "Fuzzy" Atkins and after realizing how much he was worth, talked her buddy Audreianna into coming up with a plan to kill him.

"Fuzzy," was a popular club promoter who hosted parties at trendy nightclubs for celebrities, including comedian Kevin Hart, Floyd Mayweather and singer Chris Brown. He also made guest appearances on Chicago radio WPWX Power 92 to promote his shows.

La Donna and Audreianna met Fuzzy at Club Adrianna on a Friday night in 2013, afterwich they convinced him to go with them to a house to party. Once they arrived there, two men the girls had hidden in the back of the house emerged. The two women left Fuzzy there where he was tied up, robbed and shot.

The two pair met up later at Fuzzy's house and burned his ID and cards in his wallet. They drove his car to a vacant lot and set it on fire.

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