Holly Grigsby Oregon

Holly Grigsby is another case of wicked attraction. Together with her boyfriend, David "Joey" Pedersen, Holly took part in the kidnapping, robbing and murder of four victims in three states, two of which were his parents. Holly and Joey are white supremacists on a mission to kill Jews, who still stand by their beliefs. “My actions have further damaged the reputation of a movement misunderstood,” she said. “I deeply regret this.”

Although she had originally claimed to shoot one of the victims, when she admitted guilt and was sentenced in July she told the judge she did not kill any of them. The killing started when Pedersen and Grigsby traveled from Oregon to Washington and murdered Pedersen's father, David "Red" Pedersen, accusing him of being a child molester, then his stepmother, Leslie DeeDee Pedersen for being a "supporter" of pedofilic activity.

Pedersen claimed responsibility for killing both of them, but prosecutors said the government was prepared to prove that Grigsby had slashed DeeDee Pedersen's throat, using two knives because one was not sharp enough.

Grigsby told a California newspaper reporter after she was arrested that she had killed DeeDee Pedersen to save face for her boyfriend because white supremacists believe that men should not murder women. She later recanted that statement. She was sentenced to LWOP.

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