Pam Moss Georgia

Pam Moss has checked in again. She asks for help starting a program with a friend to help women prepare for release. She tells a few stories about girls who have come and gone in her stay there. Most to return for lack of free-world resources. She explains that to be released you must have a place to live and a job set up, but there is no way to get that accomplished. There are no reentry programs available. Since I work with long term inmates I do not have readily available information about reentry programs.So that goes on the list of things to provide for Pam.

The majority of Pam's letter is dedicated to her worry about world affairs. She doesnt get a chance to see television news very often. It happens rarely and usually more by chance or accident than by design. One of these rare occasions happened for Pam recently and she learned of the ISIS crisis. She was only able to garner a limited knowledge of the issue in the short time she had access to the news but what she saw effected her.

As is the case with long term inmates, Pam has obsessed on this free-world problem. The remainder of her 6 page letter is a litany of questions about the ISIS group and the problems surrounding them. She theorizes their possible issues and the outcomes she foresees. Asks more questions. Asks for news clippings and articles pertaining to the issue and finally ends with some rather dark prophasizing about the state and future of the world.

Can you imagine? Being locked away from the world and only catching a few snippets of news of a possible world threatening problem. Then hurried back away to your cell to wonder and worry and obsess about your loved ones outside the walls. No way of knowing your own fate much less that of others.

Pam is in prison for the murder of her business partner. She killed and buried the man under her porch.

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