Kimberly Cargill Texas

The state of Texas has denied Kimberly Cargill's request for an appeal. She had such high hopes and truly, I wonder how it could have been denied. Then again, we are talking about Texas. Just last week I received a fat manilla envelope from her containing her only copy of her appeal. The letter accompanying it thanked me for the positive exposure and explained that she had enclosed her appeal so that I could see the expert evidence that her victim could very well have died exactly the way Kimberly said she did. It also showed some pretty heinous deeds by the prosecution as well as some clear violations of her rights.

According to Kim, She would never hurt Cherry and had never hurt anyone. Cherry had a seizure in the car and Kimberly reacted in all the wrong ways. Horribly, terribly, rotten ways. But that is all she did. She did not kill Cherry and there are medical professionals who he looked at the evidence and agree that Cherry had a seizure.

No judge or jury will ever see that evidence, however. Somehow the Texas board of appeals doesn't find it relevant.

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