Nazira Maria Cross - California

Nazira Cross
This is the stuff that ends up as a movie on the Lifetime channel. Nazira Maria Cross, 48, is accused of having poisoned to death her estranged husband, Michael Cross, 55, in 2008. The prosecution says she poisoned him at their home in California and then recruited neighbors to help load his stricken body into her vehicle and then drove his body to a secluded ranch the couple owned in Lovelock, Nevada and burying him.

Michael Cross was a successful car dealer with dealerships,Kietzke Auto Sales, in Lovelock and Reno, Nevada. The couple lived an opulent if a bit violent life together. They had split and reunited in 2008.

People started to look for Michael, police were called and neighbors told the tale of how they helped him into the car so Nazira could take him to the hospital and yet, no hospital records were found. They eventually found Nazira, who told all kinds of tales before settling on the one where he passes away and she panics and buries him. The body was found on the ranch.  Nazira is a native of Costa Rica and the prosecution contends she made use of the time the state was gathering autopsy reports to make haste from the United States. She had been wanted for six years and the case appeared on the Americas Most Wanted tv show.

In 2010 she was charged along with two grown children in an insurance scheme where she faked her own death. According to the FBI, it received information that Cross was living in Peru after a recent rebroadcast of information about the case went out. She had herself set up in a pretty nice little pad in Peru when she was arrested by Peruvian National Police early Thursday morning.

Can you imagine what this woman must be like? They say poisoning is one of the cruelest, most personal ways to commit murder. It takes a long time. It is painful, and if your poisoning a close family member, your going to be right there watching it all. Chilling.

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