Tiffany VanAlstyne New York

Nineteen year old Tiffany VanAlstyne of Berne, New York, has murdered her five year old cousin, Kenneth White. She strangled him in her parents home, who had been caring for the young boy. She disposed of his body along a roadside and then staged a fake crime scene and called 911. Her story was was that two masked intruders broke in and kidnapped the boy. 

The police began a search last Thursday evening which ended when dogs picked up the boys scent around 9 p.m. They discovered his body covered in snow in a culvert. As police continued to question VanAlstyne her story made less and less sense every time she told it.

She was officially charged and stayed completely silent during her arraignment on Friday. 

Tiffany's parents had custody of the little boy and his two sisters. It is unclear, as of yet, why. She has been diagnosed as bipolar previously.

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