Emilia Carr - Florida

I'm just dipping into this case, having received a short letter from Emilia on Friday. She has this very light-handed dainty flourish of a handwriting style. She asks about educational services for inmates and calls herself a nerd for still loving to learn at her age.

Her case is disturbing on so many levels. Emilia and her boyfriend, Joshua Fulgham had been in an on again-off-again relationship for years with Heather Strong always around for Joshua to go back too. In fact, once Emilia and Josh were engages, she pregnant with his baby, he went back to and married Heather. Things are so weird at this point, that Emilia babysits for them.

Oh, it was bad and just got worse and worse. Constant fighting, threats and violence. Then the battles over child custody with Heather began because Josh has kids with her too. Just one month before Heather was killed, Emilia attacked Heather and held a knife to her throat, demanding she sign a written statement absolving Joshua of criminal charges in hopes of freeing him from prison.

Somehow Emilia and Joshua lure Heather to an old, abandoned trailer behind her mothers house and attack her. Court records say Emilia tried to break her neck but when she couldn't she and Joshua duct taped her hands and feet to a computer chair, placed a plastic bag around her head and duct taped it closed.

She was missing a month before her body was found near an abandoned storage shed in a shallow makeshift grave. Emilia was secretly recorded by police confessing to the crime and relaying details to Joshuas sister. She was arrested and confessed, although she says her confession was only becasue police promised she could go home and be with her kids.

Emilia received the death penalty and Joshua received life with the possibility of parole. Pretty weird,right? I dont know who dropped the ball on that one but thats ridicu-fucking-lous. I dont know her side yet but Im sure Ill find out soon.

Here is a link to the video of her last appeal posted in Feb of 2014.

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