Tomeshia Odom Mississippi

Little, Hernando, Mississippi hadn’t had a murder in 18 years until 2015 when Tomeshia Odom, 19 stabbed her cousin, Jasmine Smith, 21. Pregnant Tomeshia stabbed her cousin Jasmine over her baby daddy, also Jasmine's ex. The two girls lived parallel lives, living in the same apartment complex, both working at Wendy’s and dating the same man more than once.

A plethora of cousins have stepped forward to say something terrible went awry. It started on Facebook with Tomeshia accusing Jasmine of wanting her man. Jasmine denying it, saying she was dating yet another ex of her cousins, a fellow with the charming moniker “Junky Mane”.

For reasons as yet unknown, Tomeshia confronted Jasmine in late January of 2015 and the pair began to fight. Witnesses say no one knew Tomeshia had a knife until Jasmine fell to the ground and began to seize.

She is being held on $500,000 bond.

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