Killing Kelly - Mother Nature Puts in Her Two Cents

Kelly Gissendaner
Greg Owen
It seems Mother Nature has said Hell No to executing Kelly Renee Gissendaner.

Hours before her scheduled execution, the DOC announced scheduling complications due to weather called for a postponement of the execution until Monday.

According to CNN, the DOC spokeswoman Gwendolyn Hogan said in an email, "due to weather and associated scheduling issues," they had to reschedule. Did mother nature snow in the executioner? Was there a power outage to old sparky? Did the FedEx truck driver carrying the killer drugs veer off the icy road and plunge to his own unnatural death?

How cruel it is to have this woman prepare for her death, eat her last meal, say her last words and then hours before the moment, claim a scheduling SNAFU and give her a few days more? How sick is that? Kelly will die Monday, while Greg Owen, the man who beat her husband with a nightstick and stabbed him in the neck 10 times lives on.


Elita “Gaby” Maldonado - Nevada

Elita “Gaby” Maldonado killed a man in May of 2014. After he paid her for sex she clobbered him with a 40 lbs dumbell and stabbed him almost 40 times. Gaby was a prostitute in the Vegas area, and had been arrested many times for prostitution and meth use. She has a history of mental problems and was often seen on her street corner talking to herself and rocking.

She hooked up with William Sanford and told him she was looking for her children and he agreed to help her find them. I guess he needed to have the sex first, or she did, Im not sure how that part went, but they went to his apartment to complete their transaction. The next part is up for debate too, depending upon which version you want to believe.

Gaby said she heard her childrens voices in her head telling her Sanford was hurting them. She hit him with the dumbbell and when he woke up, she attacked him with a knife. 
To save her children.
In her statement to police she said she told him she was hearing her childrens voices and he didnt seem to care and went to lay down. That pissed her off. After she hit him in the forehead with the dumbbell they started to fight and tussel, ending up in the kitchen where she got the knife, 

After killing him she cleaned up, took his car keys, cell phone and credit cards, and left in his 2003 Cadillac. She carried an empty box out to the car, the police say in an attempt to make her departure look normal. She drove around doing meth until she ran out of gas and then hopped a train going to Phoenix. Except it wasnt going to Phoenix, it went to Wyoming. She got to Wyoming and decided to steal and consequently crash a pizza delivery van. 
All the while, police in Las Vegas have found Sanford's body and identified Gaby as their suspect. 

Arrested and returned to Nevada, she called her sisters but told them she was being raped by Sanford and had merely protected herself. She told psychologists a whole other story.
Its clear this lady is bat shit crazy. She should be in a mental hospital, not a jail. Id be willing to bet if she had pricey insurance she would have been in a mental hospital long ago. Receiving treatment, on medication. Not taking lives and hearing voices.
Regardless, she has been convicted of first degree murder and will be sentenced soon. 


Kelly Renee Gissendaner - Georgia

Kelly may be murdered by the state of Georgia on February 25th. In 1997 Kelly got her boyfriend, Gregory Bruce Owen, to kill her husband,    

      Douglas, in a particularly atrocious manner. She says she didnt know he was going to do it and even if she did know, she wasnt the one who did the killing and yet she got a death sentence and the man who pulled the trigger will live. Thats never easy to understand.

She is the only woman on death row in Georgia and may be the first executed in 70 years. I had a brief correspondence with Kelly in 2009 - 20013. She was never one for chatty letters or heartfelt confessions. Shes bitter and shes pissed.

Most of her letters consisted of her rants about the book written about her First We'll Kill my Husband and long diatribes on prison life. She asked me for money several times and when I could not produce when she asked, she stopped writing.


Wendy Holland - Alabama

Wendy Holland - incest, child sexual abuse
Wendy Holland was sentenced in January to spend her entire lifetime, 219 years in fact, in prison for her part in a child sex ring in Bay Minette, Alabama. Along with relatives and friends, she passed her children around for sex and used other children in the group for her own enjoyment.

The details of this crime are like something you would see in bad 70's horror flicks or something remade by Rob Zombie. These things don't really happen. But they do, don't they. Is it any real surprise it happened in Alabama?

Eleven adults were arrested on charges of sodomy, rape, abuse and sex crimes in the same small area of Alabama. This tale is so twisted its hard to unravel. Wendy Holland and her husband, Donnie- the Patriarch and founding father of this sick clan - had been swapping children with others for sex for many years. One of which, Brittney Wood- the niece of Wendy and Donnie, eventually disappeared. Shortly after, Donnie was found with a shotgun hole in his head, ruled suicide. Brittney has now been missing two years and authorities presume she is dead.

Two other family members, both men, were arrested days before Holland and another man, William Brownlee, who received 20 years. One of the underaged victims, a teenager, testified to the lifetime of strange sexual abuse she endured and detailed the sick child sex swapping the family was involved in. The young victim recounted how she was abused and molested while still in diapers by Holland, Holland’s brother and her husband, Donnie.

"The people who were supposed to protect me were the ones hurting me," the teen wrote in a letter to the court. 
 The witness went on to say that Holland and the other members of the family stated they were teaching the children how to have sex and it was better them than someone else doing it to them. They often tried to force brothers and sisters to have sex together.

Brittney Wood’s mother Chessie was one of the many arrested. She was charged with two counts of sodomy and sex abuse of a child less than 12 but denies the charges saying she just got mixed up in the fray and expects it all to come out in the wash. She wants the focus redirected to finding her daughter who could really blow the lid off this whole this if she isnt dead.


Patricia Prue Vermont

Patricia Prue
Patricia Prue and her husband Allen owned a snow plow business in Vermont. They are a heavy set couple who spent much of their time alone, engaging in violent sexual fantasies with each other. For years their pillow talk consisted of what it would be like to kidnap, sexually assault and murder a woman for their own sexual gratification. After being hired by a popular prep school teacher and mother, Melissa Jenkins, to plow her driveway, they had found their victim.

In 2012, after much research and meticulous planning, the pair of Prues called Melissa Jenkins and told her their car had broken down and they needed help. Jenkins, known for being kind and helpful, loaded up her two year old son and went out into the cold to help them.

When she arrived at their location, they attacked and kidnapped
Melissa Jenkins
her, leaving her two year old son alone in the car which was later found by police. The boy told the police a man had grabbed his mommy by the neck and made her cry before taking her. Her body was found the next day in Connecticut River, naked, beaten and raped.

Alan Prue
She'd expressed concern about the couple to a friend before she left to help them and a business card of theirs was found in Melissa's possession.

It wasnt long before they were caught. Allen confessed right away, saying it was his idea and it was just something they had always wanted to do. Patricia said the same and even refused an insanity plea so she could continue written correspondence with her husband.

Her attorneys begged her not to do so, her mental health assessment left her diagnosed with PTSD, extreme panic and anxiety and personality disorders out the wazoo. Defense says she is profoundly mentally ill. It didnt take long for her hubby to turn the tables on her either. In court he retracted his confession and said he did it because he is afraid of his wife. One look at him and you know thats a lie.
Mrs. Prue was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Haters are like Roaches

See what I mean? I found this message in my "other" inbox on Facebook. Not on the Woman Condemned account but my own personal account. Apparently her questions were rhetorical because she hid from me by blocking me as soon as she sent the message.

As regular readers are aware, I periodically explain why I do this, my goals and inspirations, for those who dont know. But then you get these small minded fucktards. I seriously doubt she took the time to read this site. She looked for info on Janeen and found me and spouted off and then ran and hid like a cockroach.

So since she asked me questions, Id like to ask a few. What do you do, Ms. Sabrina, to keep what happened to your "cousin" from happening again? Do you only search out advocates who actually are trying to make a difference and bless them with your limited point of view or do you actually do anything that matters?

 Yea, thats what I thought.

So to you Ms. Sabrina, I say fuck you. Fuck your judgemental attitude, fuck your inability to see past your own nose and fuck your lame choice in fighting against what happened to Michelle. I am fighting harder for her than you are. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Getting it Out There Any Way She Can

I have written to Eileen Huber for about a year now. She is one of the most amazingly inspirational women I have ever met. She fully admits her part in the california mall killings of the 80's and not a day goes by that she does not try to do something in her life to make up for her part in the deaths of all those people.

Her biggest sadness in life is seeing young women, younger even than she when her crimes happened, enter the prison system. She gives each and every one she meets her all in trying to teach them the error of their ways and send them back on the street with a knowledge so profound they are guaranteed to never come back. She longs, however, for a way to reach the girls BEFORE they have to share a cell with her.

Back in September I was invited to appear at the Dark History convention in Rantoul, Il. It was there I met another guest, the indomitable Mr. Charles D. Moisant of Silver Phoenix Entertainment. He makes comic books that rock the world. It didnt take long before we were discussing Eileen and her journey to touch the hearts of throw away girls and teens on a self destructive mission.

I sent him a copy of Eileen's own memoirs and he's very interested in moving forward. Im waiting to get Eileens reaction to our most recent conversation. I know she will be thrilled. It is a dream come true for her and hopefully, a nightmare come to an end for many girls on the edge.

So, now that you know, you  must also know Ill be asking for your support with this project in the coming year. Stay tuned. We are about to do something amazing here!!

The amazing Mr. Moisant behind my BF and I at the conference.


Why and Who Cares?

I never thought I would see the day, but it seems The Woman Condemned is garnering some attention. I have had this blog for 10 years or so and have some wonderful long time readers and that was enough for me. As the years have progressed and the blog has appeared in documentaries and newspaper articles, ezines and conferences, more and more people are coming to the site and want to know why. Why do I do this? Why do I care?

My "about" section here gives some insight to my life and the reasons I feel the way I do but still, it is unclear to some. At first glance, some types of people want to throw me in with groupies and murderabilia collectors. While its true that I have no problem with either of those groups of folks and have even supported a few in various endeavors, I am not a member of either group. I dont hate them for their interest and curiosity but I have a different agenda.

Nor am I indifferent to the pain and suffering of the victims and their families. A month rarely goes by that a victims family member doesnt email me to tell me their opinions about what I do for inmates and what should happen to my own children and family because of it. My favorite was probably a crazy aunt of Tiffany Cole in Florida. Tiffany asked for penpals and help getting her side of the story out. She wrote me a letter once when Amelia Carr was just arriving on death row and told me how bad she felt for the girl. I recorded a video about her letter and feelings and even posted it online for others to read. Her crazy aunt sent me an email about how I was a liar and didnt know what I was talking about despite the letter from her own niece being up for all to see. She harassed me for days for simply helping out her niece. Crazy lady.

Death penalty advocates and victims families want to be angry at me for having compassion for the worlds worst people but for the life of me, I cant feel bad for it. It isnt just compassion for human life of all kinds and knowing the death penalty is a costly, shameful American mistake that drives me. It is also the alarming rate of innocent people being given life or even death. Just because the police say it is true, doesnt make it true. They lie, they fabricate evidence, they cover up truths. They are only human, after all. I am afraid the faulty, crooked cops far outweigh the kind, caring, uncorrupt cops.

The biggest reason of all for what I do is rehabilitation. Not parole necessarily, not get out of jail free, not forgive and forget. No, none of that. What I want and what I fight for is much harder to understand than the people who skim this site and decide I am a monster can comprehend with their tiny minds.

What I want is to change the world and the only way I can see to do it is to change whats wrong. Confront the evil head on, and do something about it. I have news for you ladies and gentleman, the evil people you lock up behind bars still affect us on a daily basis. It is true and those of you reading true crime books and watching the ID channel do not have the experience to say anything different. Locking them up is only the beginning of fixing the problems, it isnt the solution.Once they are in prison the bad people go right on being bad. They teach other people to be just as bad as they are and those people get out. They get out of prison and carry on the same evil deeds the people you put in prison taught them.

The only solution, the single solution to this issue, is for prison to be rehabilitative not profit making and not a mechanism to forget the fuck-ups of society. Before you get your panties in a wad, let me tell you that this technique is not for the killer but for YOU. Teaching a criminal compassion and love was your job in the first place and since you have failed so many times, it is your job to make an effort for those in prison so that YOU dont run into one of his students on the street.

These people cant change themselves or it would have already happened. It is up to you and me and everyone in this country to make sure the people coming out of prison are better than they went in. Otherwise, prison is just murder university.


More Darlie News

Rachel Kay Bond Tennessee

Rachael Bond, 33
Rachel Kay Bond lured her ex boyfriend into the woods where her current boyfriend jumped out and beat him to death. His body wasnt found for a while and he was almost unrecognizable. In court she said she hadnt wanted him to die, just get beat up. But that did not convince the jury. 

Police said it took jurors 75 minutes to decide Rachel Kay Bond was guilty in the death of her ex-boyfriend, Robert Oscar Davis. Bond, 33, of Five Points, Tennessee, was automatically sentenced to life in prison but with the possibility of parole. Under Tennessee guidelines she must serve 51 years before becoming eligible, according to court officials.

While researching this case, I found an older news report where Rachel had been arrested in January of '13 because her two daughters had found her passed out on the bed with a bottle of pills, which they took a few of. The grandmother found them and took them to the hospital after which Rachel was arrested. This woman was a train wreck waiting to happen.


Pamela Causey-Fregia Louisiana

ALLEN PARISH, LA  I guess you could call this one of those fetal kidnapping cases gone awry. I guess.

Pamela Causey-Fregia
 In 2011, Pamela Causey-Fregia's husband left her. Like so, so, so so many women she decided the only way to get him back was to say she was pregnant. So she did. Except she'd had a hysterectomy. But she also had a pregnant friend, Victoria Perez. Pamela lured Victoria to her home on the ruse of free baby clothes and killed her using blunt force. She did this in front of one of her three children. Then took the body to a remote area and burned it in the presence of another one of her children.

She did not remove the baby. It is unclear, at this point, why. She was arrest in late January 2015 for the murder of Perez and her unborn child after one of her children 10, 8, and 6, finally came forward and tipped off law enforcement.

They confronted Pamela, who finally confessed and led them to what remained of Perez and her baby. She is facing charges of first-degree murder, first-degree feticide, obstruction of justice, accessory after the fact to aggravated battery and aggravated battery. Allen Parish District Attorney Todd Nesom said bond for Pamela Causey-Fregia was set at $780,000 on Monday.

I would really like to know why she killed her and then didnt take the baby, if that was the objective from the start. I'd also like to know how she explained never giving birth if she had told everyone she was pregnant. I'll be watching this one unfold. Stay tuned, folks.


Darlie Routier Texas

I was contacted by a penpal of Darlie Routier's who gave me some of the most recent advances in her case to share with you all.

I began writing to Darlie in December of 2005 and she is one woman whom I will never understand how she got behind bars. Really. You know what else? With all the information ALREADY out there about this case, in addition to the newly discovered info, I think if you can't see this poor woman's innocence, you may just be an asshole.

So many legal flubs, so much question and police innuendo that turned out to be nothing. So many fingers pointed and road blocks thrown up, I am surprised this case isn't used in other countries to point to the clusterfuck we call a justice system.

 I believe Darlie could have been released ages ago if the state had done the necessary DNA testing. Sadly, Texas has tried to stop it in every unconstitutional way they could pull out of a bull's ass. BUT- there is hope on the horizon.

This from Camp Darlie:

 Right now we are in dire need of donations.  That is the biggest thing (as always).

The courts had previously ruled against Darlie on DNA testing.  BUT, since the Michael Morton Act, we can FINALLY (legally - by law) have some of these items tested for DNA that we requested YEARS ago.
But here comes the hiccup, of course...  The State's labs supposedly "do not have the technology" needed to do some of the requested DNA analysis.  So, therefore, we have to have a hearing, and prove to the same already prejudice Dallas courts that the requested DNA will "most likely result in her exoneration."  Interesting to note:  Texas just ruled AGAINST Rodney Reed, who is now set to be executed in weeks, on the same type of motion.
Donations can be made through darliefacts.com

SO, there you have it folks. Texas knows full well they are executing innocent people. I have said for years they keep Darlie locked up because they KNOW they screwed the pooch on this one.

Mark my words, this lady will be free some day and Texas will hear her roar.


Theresa Supino Iowa

Here’s a blast from the past in Iowa.

Fifty-four-year-old Theresa Supino was arrested  charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the 1983 slayings of Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory, her estranged husband and his new girlfriend. On the 31rst anniversary of the deaths, no less. 

The couple had been found beaten to death on a horse ranch. News reports show family members saying they saw this coming all along.

This will be a cold case files show for sure.