Kelly Renee Gissendaner - Georgia

Kelly may be murdered by the state of Georgia on February 25th. In 1997 Kelly got her boyfriend, Gregory Bruce Owen, to kill her husband,    

      Douglas, in a particularly atrocious manner. She says she didnt know he was going to do it and even if she did know, she wasnt the one who did the killing and yet she got a death sentence and the man who pulled the trigger will live. Thats never easy to understand.

She is the only woman on death row in Georgia and may be the first executed in 70 years. I had a brief correspondence with Kelly in 2009 - 20013. She was never one for chatty letters or heartfelt confessions. Shes bitter and shes pissed.

Most of her letters consisted of her rants about the book written about her First We'll Kill my Husband and long diatribes on prison life. She asked me for money several times and when I could not produce when she asked, she stopped writing.



  1. Although I do not know much about this case, I can empathize with Kelly as I am caught between 2 worlds on this one. Is this because life isn't fair? Or is this supposed to be a lesson that is well learned? I am not sure how the Felony Murder Law is structured in the state of Georgia, but this is a true travesty. I'm surprised you were able to maintain correspondence for several years, knowing her true intentions were financial assistance. This angers me the same way I see people convicted on circumstantial evidence.

  2. I still think about my experiences with Kelly and I guess I always will. Shes an odd bird. I will never know what hand she actually played in her husbands death but it it just wrong on every level for her to die and the trigger man to get life.

    1. Well we all know the only reason that happened was because he agreed to testify against her. The best democracy money can buy, right? Putting that aside, I have a hard time conceptualizing what he could have said that solidified putting that on the table. Especially considering GA is not notorious for capital punishment. Maybe Kelly actually believed she stood a chance and was willing to go to trial vs admitting guilt and taking a plea herself. I am very much opposed to anything related to capital punishment and the years of solitary it takes until your number is called. There is no empirical data that shows capital punishment is a deterrent for violent crimes. Yet, we as a society continue to promulgate this inhumane means to an end. I'd like to believe one day we will learn from our mistakes, but that just isn't reality. I see it every time a comment is posted spewing the same hate and contempt they are condemning someone else over.


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