Patricia Prue Vermont

Patricia Prue
Patricia Prue and her husband Allen owned a snow plow business in Vermont. They are a heavy set couple who spent much of their time alone, engaging in violent sexual fantasies with each other. For years their pillow talk consisted of what it would be like to kidnap, sexually assault and murder a woman for their own sexual gratification. After being hired by a popular prep school teacher and mother, Melissa Jenkins, to plow her driveway, they had found their victim.

In 2012, after much research and meticulous planning, the pair of Prues called Melissa Jenkins and told her their car had broken down and they needed help. Jenkins, known for being kind and helpful, loaded up her two year old son and went out into the cold to help them.

When she arrived at their location, they attacked and kidnapped
Melissa Jenkins
her, leaving her two year old son alone in the car which was later found by police. The boy told the police a man had grabbed his mommy by the neck and made her cry before taking her. Her body was found the next day in Connecticut River, naked, beaten and raped.

Alan Prue
She'd expressed concern about the couple to a friend before she left to help them and a business card of theirs was found in Melissa's possession.

It wasnt long before they were caught. Allen confessed right away, saying it was his idea and it was just something they had always wanted to do. Patricia said the same and even refused an insanity plea so she could continue written correspondence with her husband.

Her attorneys begged her not to do so, her mental health assessment left her diagnosed with PTSD, extreme panic and anxiety and personality disorders out the wazoo. Defense says she is profoundly mentally ill. It didnt take long for her hubby to turn the tables on her either. In court he retracted his confession and said he did it because he is afraid of his wife. One look at him and you know thats a lie.
Mrs. Prue was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

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