Wendy Holland - Alabama

Wendy Holland - incest, child sexual abuse
Wendy Holland was sentenced in January to spend her entire lifetime, 219 years in fact, in prison for her part in a child sex ring in Bay Minette, Alabama. Along with relatives and friends, she passed her children around for sex and used other children in the group for her own enjoyment.

The details of this crime are like something you would see in bad 70's horror flicks or something remade by Rob Zombie. These things don't really happen. But they do, don't they. Is it any real surprise it happened in Alabama?

Eleven adults were arrested on charges of sodomy, rape, abuse and sex crimes in the same small area of Alabama. This tale is so twisted its hard to unravel. Wendy Holland and her husband, Donnie- the Patriarch and founding father of this sick clan - had been swapping children with others for sex for many years. One of which, Brittney Wood- the niece of Wendy and Donnie, eventually disappeared. Shortly after, Donnie was found with a shotgun hole in his head, ruled suicide. Brittney has now been missing two years and authorities presume she is dead.

Two other family members, both men, were arrested days before Holland and another man, William Brownlee, who received 20 years. One of the underaged victims, a teenager, testified to the lifetime of strange sexual abuse she endured and detailed the sick child sex swapping the family was involved in. The young victim recounted how she was abused and molested while still in diapers by Holland, Holland’s brother and her husband, Donnie.

"The people who were supposed to protect me were the ones hurting me," the teen wrote in a letter to the court. 
 The witness went on to say that Holland and the other members of the family stated they were teaching the children how to have sex and it was better them than someone else doing it to them. They often tried to force brothers and sisters to have sex together.

Brittney Wood’s mother Chessie was one of the many arrested. She was charged with two counts of sodomy and sex abuse of a child less than 12 but denies the charges saying she just got mixed up in the fray and expects it all to come out in the wash. She wants the focus redirected to finding her daughter who could really blow the lid off this whole this if she isnt dead.

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