Ashlee Martinson - Wisconsin

Ashlee Martinson
Ashlee Martinson, 17, is a horror blogger for a blog called Nightmare. She blogged under the name Vampchick. Sunday afternoon she shot her step-father and stabbed her mother to death in their Wisconsin home, in the town of Piehl. She then put her three sisters, 9,8 and 2, in a room in the basement with food and juice. She tied the door shut and took off for Indiana with her 22 year old boyfriend Ryan Sisco.She will be charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and three counts of false imprisonment when she is extradited to Wisconsin.

Eventually, the nine year old was able to break out and called 911. She told police she and her mother, Jennifer Ayres, heard a gunshot from upstairs. Jennifer went up and the 9 year old went up behind her. They found that Ashlee had shot her stepfather, Thomas Ayres. According to the 9 year old little sister, Jennifer and Ashlee began to fight.
Ryan Sisco

The reports do not say exactly what happened next. They only say that Ashlee then took the three sisters to the basement saying they were going to play a game. Ashlee's boyfriend's role in all this is unclear. He was not present at the murder scene according to the sister.

They are both currently incarcerated in Boone County, IN, where they were arrested. He is being held on a probation violation and agreed to be extradited. Wisconsin has 30 days to pick him up.

 She is fighting extradition but we all know it will happen and I guess then we will find out what they charge him with and what, if any, her motives were. Her next hearing is set for April 8th in Boone County, Indiana.

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