Stories to Watch

Not every story makes it to Jodi Aria media heights but there are many that are just as strange and interesting. Here are some Ive been keeping my eye on:

Jessica Paige Greenback, 25, from Santa Clarita California shot and killed her brother with a semi-automatic handgun, wounded her father and attempted to kill another man in the house earlier this year. She was arrested and plead not guilty last week. She has had a history of mental issues and several 72 hour stays in mental hospitals. Reports say she kept her 5 year old sister in the room during the shooting and would not allow her to leave. She  is being held on $6.1 million bail, is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 26 to get a preliminary hearing date. If convicted as charged, Greenback faces a possible maximum sentence of life in state prison.

Un Young Lee, of San Dimas California was arrested last week for killing her mother-in-law, Young Ja Lee 77. Young's house was burning down but when police and firefighters arrived, no one was inside and there was no evidence of how it started. They soon received an anonymous phone call, however, that stated Un had a hand in her mother-in-laws. death. Police found her sitting in her minivan on a street with bags of body parts with her. She has a 1 million dollar bond and arraignment set for April 24th.

Jessica Lacy McCarty is the FLorida mom who has killed all three of her kids. I think a lot of people are watching this one right now and it will last a while. Shes had mental issues in the past and its still unclear if she was being treated at the time of the murders. POlice arrived to find her standing in the yard bleeding with a knife in her hands. Still so much unclear.

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