Tracey Lynn Gardner - Mississippi

Tracey Lynn Gardner was sentenced to life last Tuesday in her conviction in the killing of Karima Gordon, 37, whom she had given illegal silicone butt injections too. Natasha Stewart, an adult entertainer also known as Pebbelz Da Model, was also convicted of manslaughter and received seven years for referring Gardner to Gordon for the illegal butt injections.

When I first wrote about this last year, there was some debate to Tracey's gender as she was apparently transgender and no one seemed to know exactly where in the process she was for a bit. There is still a wait for the trial of Marilyn Hale's death who also died after receiving injections from Gardner. Authorities say that date will be in March of 2015.

Natasha Stewart is from my home state of Tennessee so this is in the news a bit here. I wondered how she could possibly be culpable and sentenceable (that isnt a word but it sounds right here) when all she did was refer someone. Digging a little deeper I found that she took $200 for the referral, that might make a difference. Also, she purported Gardner to be a nurse to Gordon. Which was so, so not true.

Natasha Stewart

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