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Kelly Gissendaner's execution has been delayed once again. This time because they thought the deadly drugs looked cloudy. (Cant use those, they might kill her!). Her defense is also waiting for an answer from the Supreme Court. Perhaps they will halt her murder. We shall see...

Diane Sawyer's 20/20 report this week featured Tiffany Cole and Amelia Carr, both of whom have contributed to The Woman Condemned. It filled my heart with joy to see that they have each other and their spirits are not broken. Tiffany was duped into the crime she was part of by a man she'd only known 3 weeks and was afraid of. Neither of these women should be on death row, but instead, given a life sentence.

I am busily working on a contest for this blog. I have considered this for a while but we have more steady readers than ever before, many of whom email me privately on a regular basis so the time has come. I enjoy each of you so much, and appreciate all my readers and would like to offer a contest or game to give away something. Its in the works so keep your eyes peeled and shoot me an email if you have an idea (admin@thewomancondmened.com).

If you have a book club or writing group I have good news for you. All throughout March I am scheduling free Skype meetings to discuss the blog, particular women who appear on it and true crime blogging with your book club, girls night out, or discussion group. Email for information. This is gonna be fun!

Oh, and it's National Pancake Day. Celebrate!

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