Elita Maldonado's Sister Calls Out a Commentor

I wrote about the curious case of Elita "Gaby" Maldonado back in February. She is the mentally challenged woman who heard the voices of her children while servicing a john in Nevada back in May of 2014. She killed him by beating him with a 40 lb barbell and stabbing him. She did some things that made her seem very NOT crazy. Like, carrying empty boxes to the car in an attempt to make her presence seem normal. She was know for being and acting crazy, however, and was seen more than once rambling along the road, talking to herself. She was sentenced to 28 years to life in April of 2015.

A few weeks ago I received a rather strange and rambling letter from Elita's sister, Gloria Maldonado. In it she said she had no issue with my blog post on her sister saying "it is what it is" but she found great issue with the comment from Jay Bald.
..the comment of Jay Bald is total fraud and false Information. Yes, Elita did have a rough life BUT she had those around her who tried to help her but she was held captive by drugs and alcohol issues and also mentally unstable growing up.  You can't force a person to change unless they want to change themselves! 

Oddly enough, she asked me if I have to check each commenters mental health before I allow them to comment. Um, no. She claims that she does indeed know Mr. Bald and that he himself is mentally unstable and has terrorized her family for years after another of her sisters divorced him for abuse.

Just know that he is not a person of right mind. He continues to hurt this family no matter which way possible and has now gone to the extreme of commenting false information. We are already suffering enough with the incarceration of my sister and separation of our nieces that we DO NOT need people putting negative comments about what they assume or make the family out to be! Jay Bald will continue to hurt this family no matter what extent because he has never gotten over the fact that his wife divorced him (for safety and sanity reasons)! 
She then encouraged me to look him up on the Wisconsin Courts website.  I did and found nothing. She claims he harasses the family at every turn and purposely tracks down articles about Elita to hurt the family. SO, theres that,

The jury rejected her insanity plea and found her guilty of first-degree murder and robbery in the death of William Sanford. When her attorneys spoke for her they talked of a lifetime of methamphetamine use and how that had changed her brain forever. That isn't exactly the same as a mental disability.

When Elita took the stand she talked of flying cars, Big Brother, Big Bertha and forgiveness.

“This man’s blood is going to be on my hands the rest of my life, and I’m never going to forget what I’ve done — ever,” she said. “No matter what kind of medication I take or what kind of therapy I go under.”

She talked of being in prison, where “Big Bertha punks me out, and I’m all the sudden her bitch,”

“Big Brother, the eye in sky, is going to be more intense,” she said of the time when she could possible get parolled. “By the time I’m 60, I hope cars will be flying. I have a dream I’ll be hovering around in spacecraft with my family.”

She isn't mentally disabled. She's an addict and they still have to pay for their crimes. It would be ideal if she could get the help she needs in prison but sadly, we know she will not. Gloria is right about one thing, however. Drug addiction is a terrible thing and you cannot help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

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