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Jodi Arias - Arizona

We now have the lovely and controversial Jodi Arias as a contributing member of our little true crime home online. She asks that people send in questions to ask her and she will answer weekly. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    This is not true at all. Jodi is on lock down 23/7. She has no access to a computer nor the net. She never will again. She will die at PV. You also seem to have her location wrong. She's in Arizona.

    1. What isnt true? She doesnt need internet to write a letter. Thanks for the heads up on my state mistake tho.

  2. Jodi. My question is two-part that it needs clarification about something. IMO, a fellow supporter has been changing the meaning of some of your testimony. I wanted to ask you directly for clarification because I have enough respect to not exert my opinion as yours. This guy has a lot of followers and has been posting his interpretation of your testimony on multiple internet outlets. He claims that when it comes to the gas cans, you purchased a fourth gas can. He said that you were mistaken about the reason you gave for returning the third (the financial sense reason) and you purchased a fourth. I was hoping that you would set the record straight. After you returned the third fuel can to Walmart, did you only have two cans for the remainder of the June 2008 trip from Salinas to Yreka?

    It was my opinion that you meant two cans for the rest of the entire road trip, but again I don't want to show the disrespect. I think supporters should show respect and take you at your word, not try to change it. This brings me to the second part (assuming that my opinion was correct). How does it feel to you when supporters like that guy feel they are able to say what your testimony really meant instead of allowing it to be taken at face value? IMO, it's almost like an abuser controlling what the abused is allowed to say. IMO, it seems like someone taking advantage of the fact you are not able to defend yourself and then taking control of what you wanted to express. But that's me. I wanted to know how it feels to you when someone deciphers your words from face value.
    PS - it must be nice to have a site like this where you can make sure you are heard and not some guys interpretation of what you meant it heard.

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      I have a ? Why did the killer lie for 18 days straight on the stand only to cut off her nose to spite her face by letting the world know she lied during the sentencing. She kissed her appeal goodbye. Kelly, don't you have any shame using the murderer for blog hits? Kinda late for the party don't you think? PV will not let you get her lies out. No way.

    2. Hi, ummmmmmm, they are all murderers on this blog. Its about women on death row?


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