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I began writing my book about Shirley Turner, Shirley Turner: Doctor, Stalker, Murderer (Crimes Canada: True Crimes That Shocked The Nation Book 4) , like any other writer begins a project. I scoured the Internet and bookshelves. I poured over ancient periodicals and I searched and searched for a witness to talk to.  I come from a small town newspaper background and interviewing a person who was actually there is paramount. Ya gotta have it.

I have found that is different in the realm of true crime. You just have to make sure what you say is written down in some official report somewhere. Documented. True. Since Truman Capote wrote In Cold Blood and true crime took on a new life, there is a certain element of creativity lended to these books and I'm careful not to overextend it. But sometimes my newspaper habits bite me in the ass and I cant find a witness. Shirley and Andrew were dead. I sent emails to the Bagby's and Kurt. Nada. I tried Shirley's children and husbands. No dice.

SOOOOOOoooooooo, I had to go with official reports and media recollections. Court transcripts and the official report from children's services helped a lot. But I was very disappointed I couldnt add that element of truth you can only get from the people who were there. Especially when they have lost everything and realize all they have is themselves and they are trying desperately to do just that... find a way to live with themselves. They want to tell what happened and be able to tell the truth and get passed it. Perhaps help others get passed it.

As with everyone I write about, I sent a letter to Terri-Lynn McClintic in Canada, the subject of my next book. To my surprise she wrote me back. I was worried about the long distance and high postage. I tried to send a postage paid envelope but my post lady didn't know how to do that. But it came anyway.

She wasn't rude but she isn't very open. She said plainly that she didnt want to be anyones "money maker" and the family of the child she killed had suffered enough. Shes repentant and defiant all in one lonely package.

The loss of these young lives is so tragic. No one wins. I'll write to Terri and explain all I do for female inmates and why I do it. Hopefully that will help her understand. Ill send her the introductory pack I send all new girls on the row. It has a long list of programs free to inmates among other things.

My book about Terri Lyn will include as many thoughts and comments from her as she will give me. I am also searching for contact information for the victims family.

This is about to be an amazing journey.  


  1. Really looking forward to this next one Kelly. Loved your account of Shirley Turner. Despite not having first hand interviews, you did the story justice and made it very memorable. :)

    1. Thanks so much Katherine. I appreciate it.

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I'm looking forward for the release of this book

  3. I love your writing too and with you well on this journey! Looking forward to this one!

  4. She doesn't want to further hurt the victims yet you choose to write it anyway? Wow.

    1. Of course. Writing about it does not hurt the victims family.

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